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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yavor, Feb 5, 2019.

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    Hello there,
    I've just uploaded a map, which I made. It's called "Gone Fishing". I was testing the cutscenes editor and this is what came out. It is a small, casual map, so not much challenge there, however I would be glad if you let me know what you think about it as a whole - cutscenes and map.
    Wish you all a lot of happy gaming sessions!

    Kind Regards!
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      The cutscenes were smooth and well done, could do maybe with a little more movement for flavor in sections with a lot of text. I really did not enjoy the map, a little too small, base was too cramped, and the income made choosing your next unit a non issue. This may not be an issue for everyone but I just prefer a little bit bigger with more emphasis on economy and a larger pool of units.

      Nice job!

      Oh! I almost forgot, I'd like to hear your thoughts on mine if you get a chance. It is called "A Cult Above".
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        Will look it up ASAP. Right now I'm pretty beat up. I worked all day on that map and I've just uploaded the more polished version. I wish there was a faster way to verify a map. Damn! :)

        I hope that Gone Fishing will work good now.

        P.S. The map was not the main focus. The cutscenes were. Still, I believe it is a pretty little thing, if you disregard the gameplay mechanics.

        Okay, so first thoughts: The starting scene is amazing! Very well done, the narrative was very polished and the effects were as good as they get. The map looks very well done, both aesthetically and by means of balance and gameplay. I have not played many turns (yet) but from what I've seen I can tell that you have put both effort and soul in it and it shows. I hope it goes on in the same manner as well (I'm sure it does). Thank you for your kind answers, feedback and do keep up the good work!


        P.S. I've been playing it only for 3-4 days, but, damn, Wargroove is so good!

        By the way if you need someone to play coop with, I'm looking for group too!
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