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Outdated JPM's Song Pack v. 1.0

Add some songs from Video Games. Plus some extras.

  1. jpmrocks

    jpmrocks Phantasmal Quasar

    jpmrocks submitted a new mod:

    JPM's Song Pack - Add some songs from Video Games. Plus some extras.

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  2. SirGamesallot

    SirGamesallot Space Spelunker

    I put the actual "songs" folder in the mods folder, but it didn't seem to work... Should I have just put the entire zip in?
  3. jpmrocks

    jpmrocks Phantasmal Quasar

    Copy the songs into this directory: Starbound (folder) > assets > User > songs. You can just replace the "songs" folder inside the user folder, I've saved the original songs in there. I'll add something to the info page.
  4. SirGamesallot

    SirGamesallot Space Spelunker

    OH ok, thanks. Just to be clear, you do have to have an instrument to play the music, right? Or is it BGM?
  5. jpmrocks

    jpmrocks Phantasmal Quasar

    It is an instrument. Be wary, some weird SB glitch (at least in Nightlies) duplicates some songs. They have "._._" infront of the dupes. These dupes crash your game.
  6. vgoss8

    vgoss8 Aquatic Astronaut

    What does this mod add? what songs, give me a list please!

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