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  1. Itsfrank929

    Itsfrank929 Aquatic Astronaut

    Hey everyone out there in the Stardew Valley community. My name is Franklin and i'm an avid Stardew Valley player and gaymer in general. This is my first time ever creating a thread within this community and well, I was so inspired by everyone else's portrait mods that I decided to go ahead and do my own. I'd like to think I'm a pretty good artist and so I thought I might as well give something to the community to show my support. I only have 2 portraits complete so far (Alex & Sebastian) and I'm currently working on my third portrait (Emily). My end goal is to eventually have all bachelors and bachelorettes complete, along with all the NPC's as well. I know this is going to take awhile but its something I really want to see through! as I post updates of my progress I would love to hear some feedback from you guys as well. I have actually never created a Mod before in my life and this will be my first attempt at it so there is an obvious learning curve for me and it will take me some time. I would love it if anyone could point me in the right direction as to how I can make my custom portraits actual mods and not just pictures.

    Here is a Sample of the 2 Bachelors I've already Completed. (background/transparency and other emotions intentionally left out):
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    • Meevers

      Meevers Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Your art is very nice however, to give some constructive criticism, the neck is far too long on your Alex portrait and the head also feels slightly too large for the shoulders that you've drawn. What nose shape were you going for with him if he was in a profile view? Right now it looks rather flat. In the 3 quarter position that you have him in you would see more of his nose shape than you currently do. I'd say think about the kind of the nose shape you'd like a character to have in a profile view, and then think about how that shape would look from all angles. That way, you'll get a more believable nose with more depth. Other than that, I think that the portrait mod would be very pretty when you complete it! As I said, your art is very nice! I hope my criticism doesn't come across as harsh in any way, it was only supposed to be constructive from one artist to another.
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      • Itsfrank929

        Itsfrank929 Aquatic Astronaut

        It definitely did not come across offensive, I do see what you're talking about as i take a step back from my work and look for the details you mentioned. Everything you mentioned wouldn't take very long to fix within photoshop (which is what i currently use to draw) so basically: Shorten neck slightly, widen the shoulders just a tad, and tweek the shading on his nose a bit to add more dimension, or alter the nose structure altogether so that it doesn't look flat. The one thing I see being a bit hard for me to do is the nose, they're always so hard for me to do, along with hands. They're these tiny structures on our body that have so much going on with them. haha!

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