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    Very little is actually going on within the team at the moment. I think a lot of us are away and/or busy with real life at the moment. I'll tell you both when we start making progress so I can talk about your ideas to the rest of the team. In the meanwhile, get brainstorming! We need as much help as we can get.

    Shock - I'll be there for when your next company starts, I do work for you after all. ;D
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    Nice! Also, have you considered making me a corporate mod or are we holding applications later?
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    It will be later. I think the plan is to see how we do with two mods at the start, and if we need more, the team'll probably talk about it and how we should get another with the forum mods.
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    5. Random stuff. (Purple title because i can)
    Hello! After a long break, today we will be talking about a bunch of random ideas and miscellaneous stuff that wouldn't fill up an entire post, but still is important enough that needs to be talked about.
    If you wonder what a cycle is, they are the time after which everything is calculated. In videogames they happen once every frame (Even if it doesn't seem to happen), in board games, after each turn, but no matter what, every game has one. Even the corporations section needs to have one! Choosing the right cycle duration is vital, because if it is too short, many persons won't be able to catch up, but if it's too long, it will be slow and uninteresting.
    The best cycle duration depends in many things, like activity, complexity, mechanics, etc.. But a good average for this kind of things is 5-7 days.
    I understand it if you are thinking that taxes are boring, but they are pretty much required for these kinds of systems to work, because it's the most understandable and simple way to deduct money after each cycle.
    Balancing taxes can be dificult, because you have to make sure that the persons that just start don't go bankrupt too easily, but it also has to matter to the advanced rich persons who have lots and lots of pixels.
    Here is a helpful chart explaining how much of each kind of thing should be included in taxes.
    2% of bank money.
    4% of current loans.
    2% of equipment.
    But these amounts should only be for corporations with a net worth of less than 300.000 pixels, they should increase by one percent if they have a net worth between 300.000 px and 800.000 px, two percent between 800.000 px and 1.300.000 px, by four percent between 1.300.000 px and 2.000.000 px, and by six percent any more than that.
    Stocks. But these are not the standard stocks of the real world, they have been modified for simplicity.
    Each corporation has 500.000 stocks, your net worth is divided among these for determining how much they are worth, that way a corporation with 100.000 px net worth is 0.2 pixels a stock, but a 2 millon corporation is 4 pixels a stock.

    Most corporate decisions are made with a voting between stockholders, the winner option being the one whose voters hold the most stock in total, making it useful to hold atleast 250.001 stocks so you control actions in the company.
    Non worker individuals
    But not everyone can own a corporation! These non-businessman persons are the standard kind of persons, who act as workers, or shoppers for corporations. They interact in many ways, for example, low class prouction machines will be able to be done alone, but medium class things will require workers, and high class will even require special training that costs money! But normally it would be better to train them, as the fee is lower than buying other machines.
    But also, they need to get paid! Non trained workers would obviously charge less than trained ones, but there would be a minimun salary that no corporation can pay less than, but other than that, a corporation is free to pay whatever they want.
    Also, individuals have to pay taxes and food, food is bought every cycle, but taxes are paid every two cycles. The taxes
    are the same as the corporations, except that now it is normal until you have 100.000 px, one percent more between 100.000 and 300.000 px, two percent between 300.000 and 700.000 px, by four percent between 700.000 and 1.200.000 px, and six percent any more than that.
    Now, why would a person have more than that? Because the money you get as an freelancer can be used to make (or even buy!) a corporation! (Or stock)
    Now on to food, it is required to buy it each cycle to stay alive, you can buy it from an NPC brand, but it is 20% more expensive than for a corporation to make the food, so it is better if you buy it from a corporation.
    That is all for now, see you next time!
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