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    I have to say, both myself and molly looked at that list and baulked a tad. How much staff interaction are you expecting here or is it a case of you guys are going to handle all the bank biz and production lines and whatnot?
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    Yeah, a lot of what Dave stuck in the list is what can be done without staff help. Even from his list, all that is recommended is a wipe/archive from you guys.
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    I would say a complete archive, with a sticked new thread to start with. This thread should go over the supply chain, limits to corps and other information.

    We almost need a dungeon master, like in D&D....

    I had amassed far too much money anyways. :proper:
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    What about a Corporate Chair, who has mod power over the corp forum only? I think that'd be possible and that way you'd have a singular point of authority to dictate trade and shit and whatnot.
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    Ha, that and the archive sounds like a good idea!
    No idea who it would be, but that would allow some form of control to stop the section dying again - even just the ability to archive dead threads would help.
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    Well let me talk to Mollygos and find out whether or not is actually mechanically feasible today and then we can work out how it'll run.
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    I HAVE BEEN TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN AND SPOKEN TO THE PROPHET. And yeah molly says it's viable so here's my suggestion for you guys.

    1) Corps becomes a subforum of clans, with a Corporate Archives subforum of it's own
    2) A position called Corporate Chair is created, which has moderator powers over the corps subforum so you can do whatever; move threads, sticky threads, do hostile takeovers, hold casual fridays, whatever.
    3) You guys do your own thing, set it up how you want it, and should you need anything give me a shout and I'll do my best to accomodate.

    Comments, suggestions, alterations you'd like to see, your favourite picture of a dog in clothes?
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    Well, awesome - it's good to know we've got another shot at this.
    One thing I've been thinking about is that we tried to be independent to the Clans section, yet tried to appeal to a similar group - this kinda didn't work out well.
    We'd obviously need to come up with some new rules and stuffs, but I feel that, as you (Sledra) suggested, we might wanna - I don't know - work closer to the idea of the Clans section?
    Banners, membership, that sorta thing - we want to encourage more people to take part, and it can help when people feel that they are a member of something and that they have something to show it.

    I feel that, until we figure out who's gonna be the Corps mod, we should use this thread to discuss ideas of rules and workings of the new section.
    In my opinion, I think we need to appeal more to the people who use the Clans section, as they are the people who took part in this in the first place.

    Also, speaking of the Corps mod - I have no idea who it should be.
    I mean, I'm happy to volunteer, but I feel Dave is a better option for this as he's more experienced with Corps, but I'd like to hear (Everyone in the thread's) opinions.

    Finally, I'm gonna send a PM to the main participators of this thread so they can give feedback on the current situation, and help bring in some more ideas.
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    ... And they all lived long and prospered.
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    All hail the mighty Sledra, bringer of good news from our Molly on high! I will erect a great statue in your honor... wait, that doesn't sound right.

    1- I like putting it in Clans, for being in competition didn't work
    2- More like a Board of Directors... so we may have a couple people to cover each other. But YES, a great way to allow us to story on without pestering you moderators.
    3- Freedom is a wonderful thing.

    Dogs are beneath me...
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    *Slowly steps in* Hello everyone, I was seeing this discusion and realized there is one thing missing, Progression. This is a serious problem, because without progression, there can't be any reasonable risks that do more of a reward than a cash (Pixel) bonus. Because of that, I'm going to leave my suggestions here, starting by Farming.
    1. Farming.
    Viability in crops.
    What is this 'Viability' you ask? It is the way to measure how easy is an determined crop to grow and farm, and is measured (Probably, number not final) from 1 to 100. This is NOT including the price, ones with lower viability will usually sell for more pixels.
    Determinant factors.
    Determining the viability in crops depends in many factors, here are some that could be used:
    Product each harvest: This is an obvious one. How much fruits/vegetables does it give each harvest.
    Temperature range: Another obvious one. in which temperatures can it grow in.
    Growth speed: Yet another obvious one. How fast is it ready for harvest.
    Nutrient needs: This is an slightly less obvious one. How much nutrients it needs to grow.
    Special nutrients: This is non-obvious. If it needs special nutrients different from those of generic ones.
    Symbiotic needs: This is as non-obvious as it gets. If the plant requires of any other plant to grow, be it for minerals or whatever.
    Resistance: Somewhat obvious one. The resistance of the plant aganist outer factors, like pesticides and such.
    That's all i have for now, I'll talk about genetic manipulation sometime after, maybe tommorow. (I know I really didn't talk about progression, but whatever)
    (EDIT: Finished chapter 1, and added a new viablity defining factor)
    Genetic manipulation, progression, and you(r) (farm)
    Today I will talk about progression by the way of genetic manipulation of crops, first let's start with three plants, plant A, plant B and plant C. Plant A has a base viability of 30, and sells for 45* pixels. Plant B has a base viability of 60, and sells for 20* pixels. And plant C has a base viability of 85, and sells for 8* pixels.
    Now that we have defined our plants, let's see how to add gentics into the mix.
    Incresing Viability.
    Obviously we are going to need ways to upgrade the crops, here are some suggestions.
    Growth time: Increases the speed at the plant becomes ready for harvest
    Pixel worth: Increases the selling price of the plant.
    Resistance: Increases the resistance factor of the plant.
    Better yield: Increases how much product is obtained each harvest.
    That is all i can imagine now, let's go on an hipotetical situation.
    How this could work.
    Let's say there is farm A, which has plant A, farm B, which has plant B, and farm C which has plant C. Plant C has the lowest selling price, but also has the highest viability, so it's better for beginners just starting out.
    Plant B has less viability, but also sells for more, so it's better for the more experienced players who have gotten some money, but want to increase their profits.
    And plant A has the lowest viability, but also sells for the most, so it would be best for those who want to maximise their profits and are already very experienced with the system.
    Applied genetics.
    Now, the owner of farm C wants to increase his profits, but doesn't want to start planting plant B or A, so he goes to a corporation that handles genetic manipulation, And asks them to increase the speed his plant grows at by 10%, which would change it's viability to 90, and pays 6000* pixels. After some time, the upgrade is ready, and farmer C starts planting the upgraded ones, which then start making the extra profit.
    The owner of farm B sees this, and goes to ask for an upgrade in the products each harvest by 1, increasing his viability to 70, again not modifying the price, and pays 10000* pixels. After some time, his upgrade is also ready, and he plants the upgraded crops.
    The owner of farm A also sees this and goes too, but instead of asking for a raw upgrade of the stats of plant A, he asks for them to merge some of the genetics of plant C into plant A, incresing it's viability to 50 and it's price to 48* pixels, and pays 56000* pixels, after some time, his merging is ready, and he plants the special plant.
    Bad genetics.
    But instead of making genetic manipulation something 100% succesfull, let's something like add a 10% percent chance the modification won't work, and the money will be wasted.
    And also, let's say there is a 1% chance of that something bad will happen not noticeable at first, like a worm destroying the plants and making it un-harvestable until a solution (probably money costing) is found.
    That is all for chapter one, will make more sometime!
    *Value of pixel not final.
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    (Putting this in other post, tell me if I shouldn't)
    Welcome to my suggestions post! Today we will be talking about the mining industry and how it could work, talk about some of the problems that will happen to who wants to run a company dedicated to it, and the progression behind it!
    So right, you want to run a mining company and make lots of pixels, but wait! Running a company isn't an easy task, even less a mining one! Just to make sure you are ready, let's begin with the bad stuff, Expenses!
    First of all, you are going to need somewhere to mine, and that costs money, so let's talk about that first.
    Mining permissions.
    Getting somewhere to mine in is the most important stuff, as you can't mine air! You can buy permissions for an entire planet, which costs more but makes your chances of finding minerals bigger. You can also just get permissions for part of the planet, which costs less, but also reduces the chance of finding minerals.
    Now that you got where to mine, you need drills to mine with! Drills are qualified with two factors, 'speed' and 'strength'. Speed determines how much ore the drill can get in a determined time. And strength determines which ores it can mine.
    During this suggestion there will be 4 ores, Ore A, which requires 30 strength and is worth 45 pixels*, Ore B, which requires only 20 strength and is worth 30 pixels*, Ore C, which requires 10 strength and is worth 20 pixels*, and Ore D, which requires none and is worth 10 pixels.*
    There is also 10 drills, drill AA, which has 30 strength and 40 speed, drill AB, which has 20 strength but 30 speed, drill BA,
    which only has 20 strength but 40 speed, drill BB, which has 20 strength and 30 speed, drill BC which has 20 strength and 20 speed, drill CB, which has 10 strength and 30 speed, drill CC, with 10 strength and 20 speed, drill CD which has 10 strength and 15 speed, drill DC which has 5 strength and 10 speed, and finally drill DD, with only 5 strength and 15 speed.
    Finding ores.
    But still, there is a chance of not finding anything, finding low amounts of ore with a ore multiplier of 1 times your speed, finding medium amounts of ore which gives you an ore multiplier of 1.5 times your speed, and finding high amounts of ore, which gives you twice as much ore! The chances are, with an full planet permission, 10% of nothing, 50% of finding low amounts, 30% of medium amounts, and 10% of high amounts of ore.
    But, with a partial permission, the chances of finding ore should be reduced to 35% nothing, 40% of low amounts, 20% of medium, and 5% of high amounts of ore.
    Hipotetical situation.
    In this situation we have 5 corporations, A, B, C, D, and E. A has an AA drill, B has an BA drill, C has an AB drill, D has an CB drill, and E has an DC drill. A has an planet with low amounts, B has an planet with Medium amounts, C has a planet with low amounts, D has a planet with medium amounts, and E has an planet with high amounts of ore.
    As A has a AA drill with 40 speed, mining A ore on a low density planet, which earns him 1,800 pixels.
    B has an BA drill, mining B ore and with 40 speed, on a 1.5 multiplier, earning him 1,800 pixels.
    C has an AB drill, mining A ore with 30 speed on a 1 multiplier, earning him too 1350 pixels.
    D has an CB drill, mining C ore with an 30 speed on an 1 multiplier, earning him 600 pixels.
    E has an DC drill, mining D ore with 15 speed on an 2 multiplier, earning him 300 pixels.
    Now A goes and finds an planet with medium density, changing his income to 2,700 pixels. B goes and finds a planet with high density, changing his income to 2,400 pixels. D also upgrades his planet to medium density, now earning 900 pixels.
    So as you can see, an BA drill can earn the same as an AA drill on a higher density, and increasing your ore density can greatly increase your profits.

    This is all for this chapter, see you later!
    *price of pixel not final.
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    Axolotemen - These are some great ideas for the Corp project. We've already got a team consisting of some of the members of this thread, and I'll make sure to share these ideas with them. As notice, this Corp sub-forum will be wiped in the coming weeks, so it may be preferential for you to share your ideas via PM with us instead - I recommend sending them to me or Dave Combine.
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    Actually, I like to see these ideas coming in. Feel free to continue posting, I say.
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    (Sorry if the ideas on this post are less concise than normal, 2AM here where i live)
    Welcome to another suggestions post of mine! Now we will talk about the third and last primordial type of company, transportation ones! This corporation type is vital in production lines, so it's best to clarify it as soon as possible, right now.
    Ship types.
    Ready to make your transportation company? First you will need to know about ship types. What are ship types?
    They are the class of your ship, determined in capacity. Each capacity fits cargo amounts worth by default 10* pixels.
    There are 5 ship types, ship A, with 60 capacity, ship B with 50 capacity, ship C with 40 capacity, ship D with 30 capacity, and ship E with 20 capacity.

    Increasing profits.
    But you obviously won't be limited to the same worth of an capacity point! The 10* pixel worth is only for NPC transportation, you can make deals with other corporations and get more money each capacity point, but this will be limited by how much cargo they need.
    For example corp. A pays 20* pixels a piece, but only needs 10 capacity points of cargo. Meanwhile, corp. B pays only 18* pixels a point, but needs 20 worth of capacity, in this situation, it would be better to choose corp. B if you had the capacity, but if you don't corp. A still pays more than default. Or you could accept both if you had the capacity, and earn even more money!
    As you know, space pirates exist, and they can be very dangerous, stealing your cargo, which makes you have to pay 12% of the goods worth as a fine, and possibly even destroying your ship!
    So how do you avoid there? By contrating security and getting an insurace of course!
    Let's begin with security, there are 5 classes of security, class A, which reduces a raid chance to 1% and the chance of destruction to 0,1%, class B, which reduces it to 3% and destruction chance 0,5%, class C, which reduces it to 6% and destruction chance 1%, class D, which reduces it to 10% and destruction chance 1,3%, and class E, which reduces it to 13% and destruction chance to 1,6%.
    Obviously you can not hire security, but that makes your chances 20% of getting raided, and the destruction one 2%!
    Now let's talk about insurance, there is also 5 classes of it, class A, which reduces the fine to 2% and gives you back a replacement of the ship if it's destroyed, class B, which reduces it to 4% and refunds 70% of the ship's cost if it's destroyed, class C, which reduces it to 6% and refunds 50% of the ship's cost if destroyed, class D, which reduces it to 8% and refunds 30% of the ship's cost if destroyed, and class E, which reduces it to 10% and refunds 10% of the ship's cost if it's destroyed.
    You can too chose not to get any insurance, but that leaves you with the full 12% and no refunds from your ship if destroyed!
    Also, let's not forget about engines! Engines increase how much trips you can do each time, thus making your profits even bigger. There are 6 classes of engines, class A, which allows you to do 2 trips each time, class B, allowing 1.8 trips each time, class C, allowing 1.6 trips each time, class D, allowing 1.4 trips each time, class E, allowing 1.2 trips each time, and class F, allowing only 1 trip each time. (Note: only full trips count towards income)
    That is all for now, see you next time!
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    4. Smelteries
    Hello, today i will talk about one of many secondary production corporations, the smelting ones. Just a thing, these would probably only make things that don't require much beyond the same material, like forks and such stuff (Obviously bars and solid blocks too), small and big things, like the metalic parts of a gun, or an ship, would probably be made fully by one company unless a deal was made.
    First of all, you are probably wanting to produce something, there are 4 things you can make during this suggestion, thing A, worth 55* pixels and produced with ore A, thing B, worth 39* pixels and produced with ore B, thing C, worth 27* pixels and made with ore C, and thing D, worth 15* pixels and made with ore D.

    But you also need somewhere to melt it, there are also 4 classes of smelters, smelter A, capable of making 60 of all objects, smelter B, capable of making 45 of things B, C, and D, smelter C, capable of making 30 of things C and D, and smelter D, only capable of making 15 thing D.
    Getting ores.
    But of course, you are going to need the ores, these can be bought from other corporations for a sum they decide.
    For example corp. A sells ore A for 48* pixels. Meanwhile corp. B sells ore A for 50* pixels. In this case you should buy from corp. A, but the owner of corp. C is forced to buy from B, so getting the best deal becomes a part of maximising your profits!
    Deals with other corporations.
    Deals are good ways of earning money, because manufacturing corporations don't always want to buy expensive smelting gear for making things like guns, or ships.
    But these deals usually include high amounts of production, and ore.
    For example, the owner of corp. A also wants somebody to make ship hulls for them, these require 4 units of ore A and 1 unit of ore B, and requires 15 of those each time. Normally these would only be worth 259* pixels, but corp. A is willing to pay 272* pixels for it, making it an 5% profit than if using thing A and B. Also, if you accepted, corp. A is willing to give a 10% discount on his 48 pixel ore A price, reducing it to 43* pixels only.
    But you must also have 2 class A smelters, to be able to produce 15 of those with ore A, but other corps may give smaller things that require less materials for less profit.
    But smelters can break and have to be repaired, making you lose a day and pay 100* pixels, and even be lost forever! So don't forget to hire maintenance to reduce the chances of that happening. There are 5 classes of maintenance, class A, which reduces the chance of breaking to 1% and the chance of destruction to 0,1%, class B, which reduces the chance to 3% and the destruction chance to 0,3%, class C, which reduces the chance to 5% and the destruction one to 0,6%, class D, which reduces the chance to 9% and the destruction one 1%, and class E, which reduces the chance to 13% and the destruction one 1,4%.
    Obviously you can have no maintenance, but that makes the chance 20%, and the destruction one 2%!
    That is all for now, see you next time!
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    It's a good damn idea, but I've been in this Corp sections for a hell of a long time and seeing my corporation go will be pretty annoying. Also, once this change is done, how will we make sure new people come to the section, because before this was an unresolved problem.

    Also 2 corp co-chairs aren't probably enough, I'd say four as the maximum, maybe even a fifth for safety, for all the tracking, the handling and everything of the subforum to get it started peacefully and at the same time perfectly. Anyone else agree?
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    About the losing your corp. part, you can probably remake it after everything is set up.
    But about more co-chairs, that sounds like a good idea, because the point isn't only so normal moderators don't have to take care of this sub-forum. The point is for them to take care of things like production lines, managing corporations and whatnot, and with the level of activity this subforum this is supposed to get, two persons doesn't seem like enough, four would probably be enough, maybe 6 just in case? But having more than two co-chairs sounds strange, maybe use the term 'Corporate Board Executive'?
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    @Axolotemen those are some good ideas. Also, your previous corporation suggestions were pretty cool, just to let you know. With six of these corporate moderators, that might be too much but it might become an eventual risk that we might need to take to get this as smooth as possible. Five, I'd say would be fine, but we could come to a decision whether to have more. And yes, actual moderator involvement is something pretty unnecessary and I'd like to avoid it by having as much of these corporate moderators as possible, almost making this Corporation sub-forum a bit individual, so to speak. And on the note of moderator involvement, we wouldn't want to disturb them from perhaps more important tasks rather than dealing with situations to do with the Corporation system.

    With more of these corporate moderators, it will start up correctly and well then continue to run smoothly, therefore we will not have to resort to make a whole new Corporation system like the situation we're in. As well as that, if we had a few more of the corporate moderators, there will most likely always be one online at certain points of time due to different time-zones, which in fact is a good and a slightly bad thing.

    I will conclude this post by suggesting three different ideas, say another important thing with an additional suggestion, and then ask a simple question to the current 'Corporate Co-Chairs'.

    I can't exactly remember the time, but Clan Mules were created, and since then they've proved very useful for several people who want to access a certain one thread rather than giving them their account details, which is very insecure. With these Corporation Mules, two or more people could potentially edit a thread without the mentioned annoyance and insecurity. Of course, the word clan would be replaced with corporation, because it wouldn't fit in the Corporation sub-forums.

    For my second suggestion, I think there should be two report buttons in this particular Corporation sub-forum, if that's possible. Basically, the other report button will only direct to the corporate moderators and it will probably only apply for threads. If someone has declared bankruptcy or perhaps is fed up, the corporate moderators can solve it with their special superpowers instead of worrying to contact the moderators outside this Corporations sub-forum. Personally, I like this suggestion because it gives a more of a role play feeling but if it is too much to ask or perhaps not possible, I'll be okay.

    This isn't that good of an idea, you might think it is, which is cool, but there could be a police system. If someone believes a company is stealing from their corporation, they can call the police and perhaps sue them. And, if they spy or steal items, the police can then get involved again. This will definitely add more interesting role play to the mix. With the current system, maybe having this would end up in over-complications and therefore it's a scrapped idea but instead of leaving it rattling inside my head, I thought to suggest it anyway, just in case.

    So, if there will be more corporate moderators, which I most definitely think there should be, I volunteer myself to become one of these due to my experience, competence, present and future contribution and my impossibly good sense of humour. (The joke was how good my sense of humour was). I also nominate Axolotemen to become a corporate moderator, again if there are more, because he has contributed a lot already and I'm sure he still has a bunch of interesting and useful ideas. And as well as that, I'm sure he'll develop into a great figure of authority. For the third time in saying this, if there will be more corporate moderators, I have a couple of name suggestions to list:

    - I.C.E (acronym unintentional) Intergalactic Corporate Enforcer
    - Corporate Moderator (It's as simple as that)

    I'm done there, so I'll finalize with this question. Will there be a person, perhaps people, running the bank and how entirely will it work, what is the in-depth system? If there isn't a current system, I would be willing to create one.

    I hope you agree with me and I'd be honored to help my favourite sub-forums by being a moderator here alongside people like my friend Kenmario.

    EDIT: Is anyone actually considering my ideas?

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  20. Axolotemen

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    Using tapatalk here, so I won't elaborate, but we need research corps. to keep things ineresting. It's boring if the only limiter is your pixels for progressing. So let's make only the 3 worst types of items avabible at first, and the better ones must be researched. This makes it so you can't simply upgrade and max out your corp in two weeks.
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