Is this getting multiplayer later on?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kushwonderland, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. kushwonderland

    kushwonderland Space Hobo

    My purchase depends on the answer.
    • Seminus

      Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

      We do not have final plans for it.
      Currently we do focus on patching the last bugs out of it and then focusing on getting the editor out.

      You know we are a small developer and because of that we decided to focus on SP and make it polished as possible instead of doing both meh.
      • Tchey

        Tchey Void-Bound Voyager

        Multiplayer is quite pointless in a game like this. Maybe deathmatch ? hmmm... I don't understand why all the game should be multiplayer, according to "everyone". I love good single player game much more.
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        • Nepomuk

          Nepomuk Space Hobo

          I think asking whether the game will have multiplayer support is a legitimate question. Co-op could definitely be fun in Halfway.

          However, as a person who prefers good single player over multiplayer game play I’m glad that the developers have concentrated on creating a game with a dense atmosphere here.
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          • kushwonderland

            kushwonderland Space Hobo

            It looks super fun but most of my gaming time is spent playing with my friends from back home. I have high hopes for a co-op/vs option:) Network coding sucks so I could see skipping that being the fastest way to getting the game out for people to play, I'm glad to hear that it's not completely out of the question for the future.

     Tentacle Wrangler

              Unlike you, I'd love a multiplayer option - especially coop. I'd love to play this game with my son, each leading his own squad against the aliens.
              Multiplayer coop is what I missed the most in XCOM.
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