Is it possible? (hardcore death while keeping structures and storage)

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    Hi, I really like to play hardcore mode in games. I was satisfied when I saw this game has hardcore mode, so I went to play it single player. Upon death I lose all of my buildings and everything else I build. I like that my character is dead, but I would like to keep the structures I have (the world). Is it possible to keep the structures and storage chests still there after your character dies. I have thought that maybe I can host a local area network multiplayer server so that, when I died, I might be able to enter local server as another character and still be in the same world. Would this work? I am not quite sure how I would test it since I am a newb. -Thanks
  2. Garatgh Deloi

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    You do not lose the world or structures. I have no idea where you got that from. Every single char you make shares the same universe (its the same universe if you play multiplayer and you are the host), said universe isen't deleted becuse a hardcore char dies, you just need to travel to the worlds where you built the stuff.
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  4. johntrus

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    "I have no idea where you got that from". Well when I restarted a new character I did a full loop around the starting planet and didn't find anything. Does is set you on a randomly selected planet when you begin?
  5. Garatgh Deloi

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    You do not start on the same planet, but you allways start on a planet of the same type (harmless, has a mine, i think the biome was called garden or something).

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