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Is is possible to offend a fictional race...?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Snazzy Drew, Dec 20, 2013.


Which race do you dislike the most?

  1. Monkeymen

    79 vote(s)
  2. Birdfolk

    32 vote(s)
  3. Robochaps

    28 vote(s)
  1. Nerva

    Nerva Spaceman Spiff

    My Hylotl's viewpoints:
    • Humans: Nice enough, but need to learn patience. Also, would you learn to rehabilitate your criminals instead of littering the universe with them? It sets a bad precedent when so many first-contact situations with humans are with offworld penal colonies.
    • Apex: Pity the common Apex, so oppressed they often don't know it. The Miniknog and Big Ape can kindly go drown in a muddy puddle though. I do admire the sleek lines of their more advanced stuff, even if the standard issue possessions are painfully tacky.
    • Avian: Willing sacrifice is one thing, coerced sacrifice is another. Hylotl present their faith and allow others to participate, or not, as they choose. I find I have little stomach for how Avians attempt to force the worship of Kluex upon others. The Grounded are excellent company, however - though I do worry when they ask about me being edible. I get enough of that from the Florans, thanks.
    • Glitch: Stop calling me "fish" - and not all of us are as clueless and tactless as Hiraki, please try to realize that. That said, the goldwork furniture in your castles is fantastically intricate, if a bit overstated. Mind swapping techniques some time?
    • Floran: Hylotl are vegetarians. You are not off the menu. Continue to threaten me, and I will demonstrate one of the seven-thousand ways to make a salad out of freshly-chopped vegetables. What's that? I'm supposed to be a peace missionary? Well, peace through superior weaponry still counts.
    • Novakid: It'd be nice to not have to re-introduce myself to you every single time I meet you. In addition, next time you discover you can do something, consider whether or not you should. Seriously, you're as bad as Hiraki, and I don't think I could deal with an entire race of Hirakis for long without going crazy.
    My Glitch's viewpoints:
    • Humans: Envy. The freedom I obtained recently is something they've had for so long that they take it for granted. Horror. Their practice of incarcerating their criminals is almost worse than being re-purposed.
    • Apex: Sympathy. The degree at which their thoughts are controlled by their Miniknog reminds me of the hivemind. Would that they could free themselves from their oppression as easily as we.
    • Avian: Frustration. Please stop preaching about your crazy bird-god to me. I do not have a beak, or feathers, or wings; the only way I'm going to fly is via rocket propulsion or anti-gravity. I do not care about Kluex one way or another.
    • Hylotl: Discomfort. It's concerning how much more attention they pay to how I was made rather than who I am as a person. Confusion. They claim to love peace, but they are openly antagonistic towards the Florans. Resignation. I suppose it's mutual though - the Florans themselves are antagonistic to just about everyone but us Glitch.
    • Floran: Summation. Pretty to look at, but poor company. Exasperation. Most have the intellect and conversational skills of a wrecking ball, and are somehow even less subtle. Begrudged optimism. At least they don't go on about stabbing us like they do every other race.
    • Novakid: Infuriation. If I have to repeat myself one more time for their benefit, I'm going to blow an aggression inhibitor. Aggravation. They're endlessly curious about everything, but have such short attention spans that they never actually learn anything. As a result, they tend to get into everywhere and everything, and have no concept of tact.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2013
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  2. MrForz

    MrForz Void-Bound Voyager

    Being a Glitch gets Florans to be unusually nice and cheerful, I'd almost want to stay on every single planet where these villages are found. So far only the Apex race, at least on Big Ape's side get to make me feel uncomfortable with their awkward laboratories.
  3. Skhmt

    Skhmt Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Florans aren't cannibals, they only eat other species.

    Also, you can dehumanize another species as much as you want because they're not human. And why shouldn't you put your own species ahead of another? Being capable of thought doesn't guarantee the same rights as people of your own species because in the end, the other species are generally competition.
  4. TheHonorableGeneral

    TheHonorableGeneral 2.7182818284590...

    The same could be said for other human beings and other human ethnicities, but we don't insist that one race of humans be put ahead of another. Compassion is an element in diplomacy with others, you know.
  5. Skhmt

    Skhmt Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Humans are the same species. The goal of all life is ultimately reproduce and spread the species further. Humans of different races can reproduce with each other. The separate species in Starbound probably differ so vastly in genetics that they may not even have DNA (besides the Glitch and Novakids, who obviously don't).

    Humans, for example, have more genetically in common with a gecko from Earth (may she rest in peace) than they would with an Avian or Hylotl.
  6. Captainpeels146

    Captainpeels146 Tentacle Wrangler

    I like the way the Apex have a very distinct leader. I dislike the glitch I have to say. I like steampunk, but it's too old fashioned for me
  7. Falke77

    Falke77 Big Damn Hero

    So much racism, interesting.

    I play as a Glitch, and a logical being has no reason to be racist.

    There's probably enough resources on the earth for everyone to live a decent life, I would assume there are enough in the entire universe for multiple species to as well.

    But 'communism is evil' and all that jazz.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2013
  8. neoniw

    neoniw Big Damn Hero

    Did you even read the first post?

  9. Skhmt

    Skhmt Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The first post used the wrong term. If you've read my posts, we'd be on the same page.
  10. Kufell

    Kufell Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    "Cannibalism during funeral rituals and wars with rival factions are commonplace" - http://playstarbound.com/meet-the-florans/

    Their introduction disagrees with you.
  11. neoniw

    neoniw Big Damn Hero

    I answered the post that asked in the first post of the thread. Whether or not you agree with how he PHRASED HIS QUESTION is completely irrelevant to me.
  12. zhalias33

    zhalias33 Industrial Terraformer

    i just have to say, i love the line "do you roleplay a racist?" lol
    anyway, personally i do not really have a problem with any race in particular. i just hate the people who try to kill me. and useless merchants. i kill them too, regardless of race. by useless merchants, i mean if i open your merchant window and you are literally selling NOTHING, but still calling yourself a merchant, you die. also, i tend to just kill random people sometimes in villages. no particular races that get targeted or anything, just random murders and then i teleport back to my ship and blast away. also worth noting, if you perform one of these random murders, people do not care. as long as you put your weapon away afterwards, guards are just like "oh ok then, have a nice day" you could literally wipe a city out of citizens, and leave every guard alive. just kill villager, put weapon away and let guards walk off. rinse and repeat.
  13. Captainpeels146

    Captainpeels146 Tentacle Wrangler

    it's only natural for you to consider your race "better" than someone else's. obviously you're going to think highly of your character
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  14. DivineMalevolence

    DivineMalevolence Big Damn Hero

    I've no qualms with the Florans. Honest if not a little forward, but given time they can be taught not to 'ssstab' you. A crew member you can place your trust in is always valued.
    The Glitch are.... Well.... The glitch. Old fashioned, sure. Potentially dangerous, sure. Problems? Not at all.
    Hylotl should probably get over themselves.
    Avians are scum. Sacrifice is outdated and was horrendous at its offset.
    And the Apex. If ever there was a race to distrust, it's this. Brainwashing and controlling its own people is bad, but what they're doing to my people? I'll feel no guilt cleaning their blood off my boot any time soon. Lets hope big ape has a bigger guard force.
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  15. Khorak

    Khorak Industrial Terraformer

    Avians. Just because the highest number of places I run into are Avian temples and tombs. My life is a litany of Avian gunshots. Plus I'm always a Floran, so I like shinies for my ship. Avian stuff looks rubbish, so they don't even have shinies as recompense for having to constantly slaughter them. :mad:
  16. QShadow

    QShadow Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    First off I play a human, since Earth was taken I think we've gotten a Riddick style touch to our image.

    When I first encountered Florans they were mostly rude but since I'm more a peacful guy (at least I try to compensate my dark constant bloodlust) I let them continue their tiny worthless lives, but since I once stumbeled over one of their dungeons, and they killed me like 10 times in a row I from there own EXTERMINATED every floran I came across.

    However 2 rare encounters with florans where one said, he was sorry for us humans to have lost our homeworld and the other meant he (or she) likes humans (and appearently not in the cooked kind of manner) I stoped to whipe them from the face of the galaxy.
    No I only kill them if they activly provoke me.
  17. TheWalrusNet

    TheWalrusNet Subatomic Cosmonaut

    same opinion as most others here really, dislike the Floran to the point of making them talk, and if whatever they say is anything less than a compliment i lead a wild animal in there to kill them brutally. The only race to have ever attacked me so far has been Florans... and the odd bandit... The apex seem a bit dull, humans are just prisoners so far, all of them... glitch are EVERYWHERE its insane, and avians are generally pretty cool people when they aren't impaling you with spears in a dark temple ._.
  18. kiomadoushi

    kiomadoushi Astral Cartographer

    "Floran better behave, or Floran will eat... Floran? Floran is confused."
    The guards suggest eating misbehaving florans.

    My Floran's viewpoints:
    • Humans: Hairless monkeysss. Don't really know why they sssquish sso easssily. Floran not understand why hairless monkeysss like to put their criminals in cellsss. Better punishment to eat or ssstab. Good hairless monkeysss can be sssmart, not bad huntersss either. Floran respect them.
    • Apex: Monkey men think they are so sssmarter than Floran. But Floran know many ways to ssstab and kill, Floran could outsssmart monkey. Floran much better than monkey men. Floran not want to kill monkey, unlesss monkey think Floran isss weak. Then Floran ssstab. Floran wouldn't be in ssspace though without monkeys... But Floran ssstill better than monkey men at being in ssspace!
    • Avian: Floran happy birdsss help cocoonkin leave planet. If birdsss didn't help Floran, Floran would probably be great hero with bessst trophy to put in Floran home, show all cocoonkin. Floran could even be ruler! Now Floran is not so happy birdsss helped. Floran like bird tech, neat ssstuff that make Floran go flying through the air!
    • Hylotl: Hisss!!! Sssushi hate Floran, ssso Floran hate sssushi too! Floran ssstabbed many sssushi before leaving home. Floran likesss their taste though. Floran never wanted to ssstab sssushi, but sssushi didn't like cocoonkin calling sssushi planet Floran-home. Now Floran hates sssushi, glad sssushi is dead. Only good sssushi is ssstabbed sssushi.
    • Glitch: Floran can't ssstab robot, not very fun. Robots only one who doesn't hate Floran for being around. Floran not like cocoonkin. Ssstabbing is fun, but Floran is different, can feel it in Floran's stems. Robots treat Floran like part of family. They grow plantsss that tassste like blood too. Sssquishy metal skin, unlike Robots. If Robots keep giving Floran tasssty robot blood fruit, Floran can be friendsss.
    • Novakid: Floran only heard ssstories, but Floran think energy beingsss better for ssstabbing than talking to. Floran doesn't undersstand why birdsss would even try talking to it. Ssstab first, assk later.
    • Floran: Floran read Floran Peace. Best book telling othersss what Floran life is like. Ssspeaks to Floran's ssoul. Politicsss are for monkey men, Floran can just ssstab, sssaves time, too! Cocoonkin think Floran is ssstill part of cocoonkin, but Floran hasss learned freedom. Floran would never harm cocoonkin, but Floran and cocoonkin are just too different now. Is for the bessst.
    So my floran isn't really racist (except against fish! but only cos they hated me first). Just because we like to stab things doesn't mean we're bloodthirsty maniacs. We can be peaceful, and hold promises, and even ally ourselves with others. We're just natural creatures, a part of nature as any flower or bear or alligator is. Don't take it personal when we want to "ssstab" you and eat you. You're just food. We have no remorse for that, because we're also just part of the food chain. (sorry for the abundance sss's, just giving an accurate first-person perspective)
  19. zhalias33

    zhalias33 Industrial Terraformer

    why lead a wild animal in? just pull out your weapon and kill them. then put it away. as soon as you put your weapon away, the guards say "Thank you." or "I am grateful." or something like that, even if you just slaughtered 3 people. when you put your weapon away, they thank you and walk away.
  20. TheWalrusNet

    TheWalrusNet Subatomic Cosmonaut

    because killing them myself would be too easy. i prefer to watch them scream and yell for the guards while the evil squirrel-alligators rip their faces off. Jus' sayin'
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