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ios version crashing immediately after Chucklefish logo screen

Discussion in 'Support' started by mvcv, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. mvcv

    mvcv Space Hobo

    Playing on Ipad Air 2 (A1566) with ios 12.1, was in fall of first year, going to sleep on the day of the fall evening festival, can't remember what it's called. I had to click away from the game for a sec and it might have occurred during saving. Since then I have been unable to load the game at all.

    After tapping the icon I get to the first title card (The Secret Police and Chucklefish logo screen) and then the game crashes. I've tried rebooting my iPad, no change. This first happened on Stardew Valley 1.05, I tried updating the app to 1.06 but the crash remains and I can't get past it.

    I'm wondering if my save file became corrupted in some way. Are there any suggestions to correct this?

    The only thing I can see remaining is to reload the app, but I'll lose all progress.

    Thanks in advance-m
    • peachypaints

      peachypaints Orbital Explorer

      I have the same problem! It just happened today and both my game and phone are fully updated I hope they are able to fix it because I got really far and I don’t want to lose all that progress
      • spaghettibetti

        spaghettibetti Lucky Number 13

        Bumping. I’m experiencing the same exact issue on app version 1.06, iOS 12.1, iPad 2017.

        Steps that caused this issue:
        1. Navigated out of Stardew Valley app to iOS home screen
        2.Left app active in background
        3.Locked iPad and iPad went into Sleep mode
        4.unlocked iPad an hour or so later and clicked on Stardew Valley app icon to open.
        5. Splash screen appears.
        6. Game crashes

        Now anytime I attempt to launch Stardew Valley, the s0lash screen dis0lays and the app promptly crashes and exits back to the iPad home screen.

        If I double hit the home button to view all apps in background on my iPad, Stardew Valley will display the last screen of where I was in game in a Stardew Valley. However I never progress past the first splash screen of the Stardew Valley app.

        Hopefully devs are able to resolve this issue with a patch that lets us maintain our most recent game saves. Sucks to be an early adopter of games on a new platform sometimes.
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        • spaghettibetti

          spaghettibetti Lucky Number 13

          Ok I figured out how to fix the issue:

          1.Go to https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Saves#Mobile_Save_Transfer
          2.Go to the section for Mobile(iOS) and follow the steps there (they can be a little vague but just connect your iPad/iPhone to your computer and open iTunes, open the device page, on that same page to the left there is a menu option under “Settings” that says “File Sharing”, that but didn’t stick out to me when looking at first.
          3. You’ve followed those instructions and now see the Stardew Valley app and that window section that shows a folder name that is something like “JonSnow_123456789” but replace “JonSnow” with your character name.
          4. In my case, there was an extra file above that folder(not in the folder) that was named “EMERGENCY SAVE”. For the file size, mine read 0 and the time of the save was around the time that made since for the problem to have occurred.
          5. Delete that EMERGENCY SAVE file, however DO NOT DELETE THE “JonSnow_123456789FOLDER, THAT CONTAINS ALL OF YOUR PROGRESS.
          6. Click “Done” on your device page on iTunes on the bottom right.
          7. Launch Stardew Valley on your device, it should start and load to the last n9ncorrupted save point.

          Let me know if this helps or if you need more clarification.
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          • Minddyy

            Minddyy Space Hobo

            I have the same problem too my game was crashes.
            But I don’t know how to fix from the issue
            I don’t want to lose my process.
            Please help

            update > I can play the game now
            Thank you so much #4
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            • peachypaints

              peachypaints Orbital Explorer

              It worked!!! It took a while for me to get it but my game is back now thank god
              • Kinata2765

                Kinata2765 Space Hobo

                It work. Thank you thank you very much.
                • goldie93

                  goldie93 Space Hobo

                  Hi there! I did exactly as the instructions said and my game is still crashing at the chucklefish logo screen. Any other tips? :(

                  EDIT: ok I figured out another solution on my own! I backed up the “jonsnow” file on to my computer, deleted and reinstalled Stardew, went back into file sharing and added back the “jonsnow” file to Stardew
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                  • diveru4i

                    diveru4i Big Damn Hero

                    Unfortunately, deleting “EMERGENCY SAVE” didn't help.
                    What DID help though:
                    – upload iOS saves to the desktop version of Stardew
                    – load it
                    – save it again
                    – reupload it back to iPad.

                    Hope it helps to someone out there =)
                    • coopr

                      coopr Intergalactic Tourist

                      My son and I had the same problem on his iPad - launching Stardew Valley show the logo screen briefly, then crashed to the home screen. We had the problem for weeks and weeks - we even upgraded his iPad during this time, and it had no effect.

                      None of the previously listed processes worked for us, but the following did (which is pretty much just a more detailed version of #8)
                      1. Use Files app on iOS to find the Starwdew Valley folder
                      2. Open the folder, find the folder of the player (in our case there was just one)
                      3. Copy the player's folder to elsewhere in the Files app - we used iCloud Desktop, but I think nearly anywhere is OK, as long as you copy the player's folder out of the Stardew Valley folder
                      4. Delete the player's folder that is in the Stardew Valley folder, and delete the Stardew Valley app (yes, this was scary! My son didn't want to lose his many many hours of progress in the game - but we had a backup of his folder, so I figured somehow we'd be able to get back to where he was)
                      5. Reinstall the Stardew Valley game
                      6. Launch Stardew Valley and set up a new character - you can skip all the intro content if you like - just get as far as seeing your new character in their house
                      7. Switch out of the app, then force quit Stardew Valley
                      8. Open the Files app, find the folder you'd copied in step 3, and move it into the Stardew Valley folder
                      9. Launch Stardew Valley app
                      10. Click "Load"
                      This caused there to be two characters, the brand new one we'd just created, and the one my son had been playing for months. He loaded his player, and everything was back as it was before the crashes started.

                      Hope this helps you!

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