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Bug/Issue Invisible/Unbreakable Wall on Human Ship From Light Sliding Door

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Tyjabro, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Tyjabro

    Tyjabro Space Spelunker

    I had Light Sliding Doors placed on my ship and and hooked up to proximity detectors, and then after a while one of them wouldn't let me walk through. I deleted the door and tried to replace it but it wouldn't let me place anything where it was. Now I have the collision of the closed door but nothing is actually there.
    I've tried placing blocks on it but it thinks something is there so I can't.
    I've tried using bombs to blow it up but they don't work.
    I've tried replacing the proximity scanners and hooking them up but the door's wire node is gone, obviously.
    I've tried placing background blocks, painting, deleted, etc. and nothing changed anything.
    I've tried upgrading my ship, it replaced the background tiles but the collision was still there.
    I've tried reloading the client, reloading the server, restarting the game, and nothing changed.
    I've tried spawning liquid blocks on the affected area but it wouldn't work.
    The matter manipulator understands that collision is there because it allows me to hold left click and I hear the popping noise but it never breaks. Held it for about 1 minute.
    There are no useful admin commands for dealing with this.
    Here's a screenshot: [​IMG]

    Please help.
  2. skytop1234

    skytop1234 Void-Bound Voyager

    same thing happened to me when I watered my plants. now the walls and blocks wont remove anymore
  3. viking132

    viking132 Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm having the same issue on the human ship in a different spot
  4. Lordyggdrasill

    Lordyggdrasill Space Hobo

    20160803192008_1.jpg Same probleme in the novakid ship.
  5. jigglemaster

    jigglemaster Yeah, You!

    I've got the same problem on the human ship as well. The invisible blocks appeared where I had a Human Ship Door tied to a Proximity Sensor. It happened after turning in the Eagle Ship Upgrade.

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  6. Geth270

    Geth270 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    For now you can go to your SB folder, storage, player and try to revert the ship to one of the back up states (move the current shipworld somewhere safe just in case and then remove .bak from one of the 3 backup files)
  7. sir_shepherd

    sir_shepherd Poptop Tamer

    Same issue - just made a post not to long ago - the wall is blocking access to bridge on my ship.....looks like im done playing for a while =*(
  8. Zsword

    Zsword Big Damn Hero

    Similar issue with a wired Ship door, thankfully not in a critical position.

    Starbound Bug Debug  Screen.png

    Not sure what's up with it, though it has my crew absolutely mesmerized.
  9. Zsword

    Zsword Big Damn Hero

    Hey guys, gonna make a double post for want of a bump button, one thing I've discovered kinda works is if you just completely delete the Ship file from your saves, your ship reload as a blank slate at the same tier. Meaning you'll have all the Caution Blocks back, and a new pallette for your pet (and more than likely new food likes/dislikes). It's a bit of a desperate measure, but if you REALLY like the save, just shunt everything off the boat, delete it, then shunt it back on. Note I have no idea what all else this affects, though I know my crew members tele'd back onto me after the load. I'm gonna go through the hoops of doing this myself and get y'all more solid information.
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  10. Geth270

    Geth270 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    It's because the ship upgrade level is stored in the player file, and yeah I guess this is a decant way to get around the issue, nice thinking.
  11. Zsword

    Zsword Big Damn Hero

    After a full re-haul I can confirm it works fine with, minimal direct downsides barring raw time investment of shoving all your gear onto a planet and shoving it back onto the new ship. The few downsides are:

    Your pet will get reset, and have a new color scheme as well as new likes/dislikes.

    Your Ship will lose any stored fuel, but it keeps any efficiency and tank upgrades from engineers and mechanics. Not the biggest deal ever considering fuel is easy enough to get in any respectable quantity.

    If you can manage those two points and don't mind re-implementing any aesthetic changes you may of changed (remember, you can rip out any blocks you can still reach if you used anything too complicated as a wallpaper) then this is a solid fix.
  12. Sandstorm453

    Sandstorm453 Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm having the same issue, except it's preventing access to my bridge so I cannot fly to other planets. Quite frankly, my ships is all decoration and the option to refresh the ship is a non-option for me currently. Until the bug is fixed, one thing you can do to get around it is just warp yourself to the cockpit. If you /admin /debug you will see player_pos and server_ClientShipWorld:(playerid); when I stand right next to my bridge doorway, my position is 1058.25 1026.50. So, I just use "/warp ClientShipWorld:(myplayerid) =1070.1027" first number (1070) is your horizontal position. Just something you can use if you really really really don't want to refresh your ship and still be able to fly around the universe; until the issue gets fixed.
  13. Geth270

    Geth270 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    you can spawn the cockpit seat and fuel tank using these commands
    /spawnitem humancaptainschair
    /spawnitem humanfuelhatch
    replace "human" with a race of your choice

    They are fully functional, place them any where you want.
  14. Sairyu

    Sairyu Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Interesting... I've the same problem. some invisible wall blocking my cockpit. i wonder how that have happen....
  15. Zsword

    Zsword Big Damn Hero

    The only thing consistent with it is Proximity sensors and doors, the main thing I wanna ask is if someone has this happen to them again, can we get the hitbox screenshots while the door is still there? and maybe in a couple different states? Also seeing the wires could help. Otherwise we're just kinda flying blind it feels like.
  16. Hikarekuno

    Hikarekuno Big Damn Hero

    I now have this same exact problem, caused by the same exact thing, I had a door hooked up to proximity sensors and suddenly a wall appeared. All my backups are fubar because I didn't notice it until it was too late because it was on the lower part of my ship, I only noticed because the crew started staring at it. I REALLY hope we can get a fix for this soon because otherwise I'll have to toss in the hat on starbound after ANOTHER game breaking glitch killed my save, fun, and mood.
  17. HornedReaper

    HornedReaper Yeah, You!

    Same happened to me yesterday... cant enter my Bridge because there is an invisible door. Tried many things nothing worked. No big crashes nothing special as it happened. Windows 10 pro 64 bit here, fullscreen mode, no big mods installed like FU mod.
    Spawning the captains chair and the fuelhatch is not an option for me, the same goes for refreshing the ship.
    Hope there is a big fix for this coming the next days or else i have to drop Starbound because Im stranded in space. Its not even funny that this could be a thing at all.
    In the steam forums no one replied so I had to sign up here which shows how frustrated i am by now.
    Would be also cool if someone actually told us that they are working on a fix by now...
  18. Geth270

    Geth270 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  19. HornedReaper

    HornedReaper Yeah, You!

    I said in my post those captainchair und fuelhatch deplacements are no solutions for me. I want an official fix without messing with my ship stuff.
    Its a half month already and no real fix for this gamebreaking bug ?
  20. Geth270

    Geth270 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    To fix a bug they first have to find a reliable way to replicate it, that way they can make find out how to fix it and test if changing the code has fixed it. I don't see why you would decide to not use a work around but if you so desperately don't want to use it than you'll just have to wait however long it takes to fix this. Don't be disappointed though if the bug appears as fixed in the 1.0.6 (or whatever the next version will be) patch notes but the wall will remain on your ship, since they won't actually reset your shipworld just stop the bug from occurring. This means that you will still likely have to use a work around to use your current ship, the only other possibility is if they add extra admin commands for fixing this on already existing ships but according to what you said it wouldn't help you since "you don't want to mess with your ship".

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