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    Heya. So,i found a infinite money perk that works.But this is for near-advanced players or higher.Requirements are 6 iridium sprinklers(do it like the image,gave the link.),Greenhouse(you need to finish pantry in community center or greenhouse from joja.)crop that would you like to plant.(for fulfilling the greenhouse.)

    Ok. First you need to make iridium sprinklers(place it like the image)and it will be watered automatically.
    Now plant the crops(it must be a multiharvest crop.)Bluueberries or ancient fruits are the best.
    Wait them to be grown and they will give you profit!The greenhouse will let the crops become alive in all season,sprinklers automatically water them and you get free money :DD:catdealwithit:!

    Here is an old photo that how i did it, you can fill all the places expect the sprinklers!: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....811/C2A81276A0CC55DE00D0A513EDB1D6C76E3A64B3/
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      plz, i was doing that in my first save from the moment i unlocked the greenhouse.

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