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Discussion in 'Other' started by Svetlana, Jan 27, 2014.

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    I understand this might seem like a petty issue since it's so overlooked in many other indie titles which opt to use scaled pixel art, but I'd like to call attention to it since it is something that somewhat annoys me.

    In many parts of the game, mainly the UI, the graphics are not scaled by integer (x1, x2, x3 etc) but by decimals (x1.5 etc). In unfiltered pixel art (filtered would look worse), this results in not all the pixels having the same size. An example would be the player image in the inventory screen:


    On the left, we have the current behaviour, where some of the pixels are smaller than others. On the right, I've made a rough mock-up of a fixed behaviour, where the player image is scaled by an integer factor, and all pixels have the same size (image taken from an in-game shot).

    This issue is also present even in the forums' background:

    Again, left is the current image, right is the image corrected by me.

    Could we please have the scaling fixed like these examples? Thank you.
  2. Svetlana

    Svetlana Tentacle Wrangler

    Sorry for the bump, but I really wish this issue wouldn't go ignored.
  3. Svetlana

    Svetlana Tentacle Wrangler

    More examples of bad scaling:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These problems can be easily fixed by rounding the scale factor from a floating point number to the nearest integer.

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