Ideas For An Update After Multiplayer Update

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by airbornhunter, May 18, 2018.

  1. airbornhunter

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    -use for all the jojo cola trash you get besides Sam or another jojo food product like a burger
    -giving willy the legend gift or after catching it a special cut scene with a fish decorating of the legend fish *if there is already one i wouldn't know i cant fish*
    -wall plaques for a special fish catch
    -build able docks maybe from robin but to expand your farm over water
    -text signs for organizing and things

    1.3 spoilers next
    -a quest related to the golden Lewis statue
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    • Degeneffe

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      -Post marriage events?
      It's nice having their room and an outdoor area for them to have, but being able to go on a date would be fun. Maybe it could just be an anniversary event?
      Spouse moves around more. Speaking strictly for Abby, she likes adventuring and exploring. Why shouldn't she walk around outside in the rain, or train with her sword in the bat/mushroom cave?
      I'm sure other people can think of things for other spouses.
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