Mob Idea for NPCs to give story, job and event quests

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by bill1228, Oct 12, 2015.

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    At the outpost you could add a shop that sells homing beacons. It would list a planets environment , and also give a glowing arrow on the piloting screen to lead us to it. The arrow could glow brighter the closer we are until we have the planet in view, which would show glowing.

    Each beacon spawns a chest with the item on the planet, that when placed into a house with a deed and other requirements(furniture, lighting, etc) spawns an NPC that will give us lore related quests. You could make NPCs give different job path quests too, like farming, mining,cooking, hunting(monster drops). They would progress in scale by cooking rarer meals, growing rarer crops, finding rarer gems and minerals,and killing mini boss monsters like the new ones that were shown on the 6th.

    Other NPCs could give rewards for rent that will spawn events, only if the area around the NPCs house has enough merchants, villagers, guards, etc. For example a penguin NPC could drop items that can spawn a penguin army invasion. Other events could be Big Ape sending his apex to kidnap your villagers, holiday style invasions, USCM invasions.

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