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    Greetings visitor!
    I'm new to the game as I type this, and so far have just built a couple of houses...
    But I have plans and desire for more. And some hope so far :)
    I absolutely cannot boast something amazing or BIG or numerous as many others can. But I will still put some screenshots here just to help keep the things more lively.
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  2. icegriffon

    icegriffon Star Wrangler

    Currently I have my first major (for me) build in progress. It's a Battleship on an Ocean planet that will be my operations base in there until I come up with something else. Or, it's a base/house that looks a bit like a battleship (since, well, it kinda cannot move).
    The layout is intended simplistic as one of the basic requirements is the ability to travel fast and easy through the whole structure.

    Mods used so far: holoruler by Pygmyowl, City Co. Street Props, Decorative Vehicles by KejaWicks, Millenium Furniture by Kaamalauppias, Prop Pack by Rare_candy_bracelet, Pilchenstein's Science Station, Earth's Battle Heritage by Whitley_Chaperton, Project Knightfall by Nitrosteel aka TrueDefiant, Submarine by Darth Biomech. Galactic Shops by Tremerion is of invaluable help too. The Mechs from XS_Mechs by LoPhatKao, SMT50001, TShinzon are used as decorations. I express my gratitude to the awesome authors of these mods. Without them, building anything would just be worse and slower, to say the least.

    I'm combining screenshots into a single image of the whole structure as I make some progress.
    Right now I'll include here the three I posted before in the general thread, so you can see the progress going:



    ...and then add the most recent one:
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  3. icegriffon

    icegriffon Star Wrangler

    I've been busy :)
    - Added a sci lab, and finally worked some in the aft area.

    A small update (can't believe I actually did not put this one before)
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    icegriffon Star Wrangler

    Well, this is my first house ever built, on the very first Garden Planet I encountered. My first Starbound Home!
    It was built as you see it, just the sub-basement was expanded deeper, and the furniture layout changes now and then.

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