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RELEASED Ice Smart Starbound ModLoader v1.0

Discussion in 'Other' started by Iceclaw, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Iceclaw

    Iceclaw Space Spelunker

    Good day, everyone! My name is Iceclaw.
    I'm fond of modding. So, I decided to mod Starbound too!..
    ...yet I was dissapointed. This game has no applicable modloader, there is only a simple patch of game settings.
    So, I made what I wanted to. Here is a modloader: it is a python-script, which change settings correctly, depending on mods in "mods" folder.
    How does it work? There is a folder named "mods". There is a "mod.json" file, which gives to the modloader info about a mod.
    The modloader then remembers the path to the mod. Here is an example:
    I cooked a mod, compatible with the modloader, from "Matter Manipulator Plus" mod made by Xuhybrid. (http://goo.gl/Ba0cNq)
    So, json file looks like:

        "author": "Author's name",
        "version": Version,
        "name": "Mod name",
        "type": "Type of the mod"
    Later on mod is equal to modifying the assets.

    Download links:
    Windows binary: http://goo.gl/sivh21
    Linux/Mac/Windows script: http://goo.gl/C20CkO (Attention! You will need installed python! http://python.org/ )​

    Please, Mac and 64x Linux users, give some feedback about how the programm works!

    Enjoy! :)

    My thanks:
    - to developers for this game.
    - to my friend for this translation.
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  2. Derfpace

    Derfpace Cosmic Narwhal

    sounds pretty cool! I have linux x64, so I'll give feedback as soon as I've tried it.
  3. Xuhybrid

    Xuhybrid Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This is interesting, but you can change the bootstrap files to look in the mods folder for its assets in addition to the assets folder.

    What i was hoping for from this modloader was a way to inject lines into the player.config. Id be happy to make my mod compatible but at the moment, i don't really see the point in adding a json file with my author info.
  4. Iceclaw

    Iceclaw Space Spelunker

    For now the programm is only able to load mods.
    But now I'm busy with making mods be able to change assets files without any changes in the original files.
    So, that's why we need json file. JSON file is just a mod settings file.

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