Audio I wrote you (Starbound & fellow fans) a song. :)

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Ectohelix, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Ectohelix

    Ectohelix Orbital Explorer

    Playing the beta and loving this game. Totally worth the wait.
    Wrote a trance/dance song real quick in honor of it, and would like to share it with the community! Play while you slay!
    If you like it, download for free (enter all 0s).
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  2. Sick.
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  3. raser12

    raser12 Sandwich Man

    Good job!
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  4. Ectohelix

    Ectohelix Orbital Explorer

    Thanks guys. Like I said, don't be intimidated by the 'Buy it now' button. It's 'name your price' so just enter zeros, and it's a free download. I don't want your money. Just hope people enjoy the music! :)
  5. DrunkyMcPanda

    DrunkyMcPanda Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Love it! Keep doing what you're doing. :p

    (And happy new year!) :D
  6. Awkward

    Awkward Space Spelunker

    I like it, nice work c:

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