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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by mangoOw, Jan 30, 2021.

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    So, I followed some guides about modding to create a mod based on the game Bloodborne. I don't know much about coding, and this is my first mod ever. My plan was to create a crafting station where people would be able to craft multiple weapons and armor from Bloodborne. For a test, I programmed a weapon and the crafting station. after a few attempts, I managed to make the crafting station craftable at the [c] menu, and I made the weapon be craftable at the crafting station. But there is a problem. Even tho I managed to make the weapon obtainable only at the crafting station, all of the items from the [c] menu are also craftable at the crafting station. What can I do to make only the items I made be craftable at my custom crafting station? Thanks in advance, and sorry if I said something wrong, english is not my main language.
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    I think the items available to a crafting station are determined by the various items' recipes, as well as the crafting tags assigned to the station's object file. Have a look there, and see what you can find.
    I'm sorry I can't be more specific, it's been a while since I've done any modding, and I don't currently have access to my Starbound files; but I'll try to look into it more tomorrow.
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    Okay, so, in your crafting station's object file, what elements have you added to the "filter" array within "interactData"?
    I'm guessing the only element you'll want in the filter array would be a custom value for your new items' group (like "blooborne" or something).
    Then, in your new item's recipe file, you would put that same element within the "groups" array, so that the game knows to display it in your crafting station.

    My guess is that you have an element in the crafting station's "filter" array that causes all the items with "plain" group element to be displayed. As--if I'm not mistaken--"plain" is the group for the hand crafting.

    For example the smee mod station in the Starbound Mass Effect Edition mod has the following for its "interactData":
    "interactData" : {
      "config" : "/interface/windowconfig/crafting.config",
      "paneLayoutOverride" : {
      "windowtitle" : {
      "subtitle" : "  Mass Effect Toys Are Here!"
      "filter" : [ "smeemodstation" ]
    The important part is the last array "filter", and you can see it contains one element named "smeemodstation".

    Then, in the recipe file for one of the weapons in the mod, there exists the following code:
    "groups" : [ "smeemodstation", "mod", "weapons", "all" ]
    The groups element "smeemodstation" matches the filter in the previous object, thereby telling the game where to display this item. The "weapons" and "all" elements tell the game which tabs to display the item under (when viewing the smee mod station's crafting menu). And I forget what the "mod" element is for.

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