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Feedback I have said it before i and say it again.

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by General Nuclear, May 23, 2023.

  1. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    I miss the feeling of being stranded in space like i felt in the beta, The outpost and it's story missions did not improve the game for me, They felt so rushed with the fact that there was only one for each race, and they were genuinely not well written, the ending had a "nothing really matters in the end" feel to it, and they literally awarded you with a postcard for saving the universe to really solidify it.
    Seriously, a post card was literally how much the universe was worth to them.

    In the beta it truly felt like i had no where to call my home, Except for the one i created myself on the planet of my choosing, But then the ship expansions came too quickly and it basically made planet built homes completely redundant.

    The inclusion of tenants would have been so much better without the outpost, or if the outpost was less significant to the overall plot.

    I also can't get over the cut idea of race specific introductions, it genuinely killed the vibe of a single intro mission for all races.

    And don't even mention the over-simplification of the survival mechanic, they literally butchered the backpack slot for it.

    Ocean planets was so bare boned and so empty, it was very clear that they were rushed from the get go, A few islands connected to the ocean floor, brimming with underwater caves would have fixed this, but they went all out on the floating island idea.

    The arena however was a good addition actually, but was very underutilized.

    The mechs, well they were actually a very good and fun addition to the game, but they felt so underutilized, and the grind for space parts so tedious.

    In the end i would summarize the making of starbound as two steps forward and one step backward with every update.
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