Modding Help I created a dialogue mod and it's not showing in-game

Discussion in 'Mods' started by marshmallowbees, Jan 23, 2021.

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    I've been recently writing an expansion mod for Elliot's dialogues but I'm having a recurring problem. The dialogues are not showing up, not even in the specified dates I had programmed for them.

    I tried everything within my reach; I read my content file over and over, compared my coding with the other dialogue mods available, tried using different dialogues mods (they all worked fine in my game) and there were no errors found when i put it in the SMAPI's JSON validator.
    So there might be problems with my files, and not the coding.

    I'm pretty much new to modding (and I'm not much of a tech-savvy), so any help would be highly appreciated! Thank you for reading my thread.

    Here are my mod's files:
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    • marshmallowbees

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      ok I just found out I'm too fucking dumb, it was a misspelling all along
      I put Elliot instead of Elliott...
      now I just have to figure out how to either delete or close this thread.

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