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    This mission is given to the player by the Hylotl warrior NPC at the outpost. It is a 6th tier mission and requires either a set of Impervium, Ferozium or Cerulium to get.

    The Hylotl warrior says that his family is having some trouble with a "pest" that ate their family sword but aren't allowed to kill it due to a code of honour. When the player beams into the mission, he is in a feudal Japan style house underwater. In some secret sections, there are the pieces for a vanity armour set of ceremonial Hylotl robes, or something similar to that, as well as Hylotl poems. There are some Hylotl NPCs that thank him for coming. Parts of the house are submerged and sections of wall look crudely patched up. There are hostile giant koi fish mobs as the player goes further down in the house to a large hall filled almost completely with water, and three platforms on top of the water- the middle platform is thick stone but the other two are bamboo rafts. At the bottom is a huge broken fish tank, some kelp, a few bones and... A GIANT KOI!
    The koi boss battle takes place partially underwater and partially above. At first, the water will become too foggy to see in properly because the Koi stirs up the sand in the bottom.

    Boss Health-2000

    Boss phase 1- 100% - 80% health
    The boss will continually either a) chase the player if they are underwater and attack with a Bash attack or b) jump over the platforms and attack with a Water Beam spit attack. If it is A, the player has to bring the koi down to 80% health like that, although they will quickly be destroyed by the koi's greater mobility and their own lack of sight in the (for lack of a better word) foggy water. If it is B and the player manages to hit the koi enough, it will fall onto a platform and the player can get a few hits in. Every time this happens, the koi will then spawn a smaller (but still large) minion that also leaps over the platforms but has significantly less health and does less damage.

    Boss phase 2- 80%-50% health
    The koi boss now destroys two platforms. This phase is mostly the same as Phase 1, but with an added attack- the Tide Splash, where the Koi jumps into the water and causes it to knock back and damage the player.

    Boss phase 3- 50%-25% health
    Once the boss is at 50% health, the water clears up and the Koi will retreat below the water and begin eating Kelp, which restores its health. When it is eating, it is unable to attack. If the player attacks the Kelp before it is eating, the Kelp will be destroyed.
    The Koi's attacks now are spawning Koi Minions, a close-range shockwave-like Water Slam, a medium range Bubble Blast and a leaping Bodyslam attack where the Koi jumps out of the water and then slams back in, right on top of where the player was when it left the water. However, the Body slam will leave the Koi momentarily stunned.

    Boss phase 3- 50%-25% health
    Once the boss is this low on health, it will begin going all out. It retains the same attacks but becomes slightly faster and moves around more. However, it will stop healing itself by eating Kelp.

    Final Boss phase- 25%-0% health
    At this point, the Koi is looking very beaten up and ragged. The Koi will once again stir up the sand, fogging up the water, and the player will have to go back to the last platform. The Koi's attacks will now be as follows- The normal leap and water beam routine, and a Body Slam onto the platform that can only be dodged by jumping into the water. When the Koi is defeated, the water will become clear again and the Koi will sink to the bottom and die.

    The Koi drops a lorebook that is a report by a Hylotl scientist, some fish fillets and an ornamental blade (the family sword). When the blade is returned, the mission is completed, and the player gets a Legendary Broadsword.

    That's all. Tell me what you think in the comments below.
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