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Discussion in 'Vehicles and Mounts' started by 4rchon, Jan 6, 2014.

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    Really have to thank Skizot for massively helping out with this and ironing out some issues.



    So what we have here is a little mod that add a human style APC (Or IFV depends what you want to classify it) to the game.
    As we all know vehicles are still early stage thing so subject to change in future updates. But for what is possible now this thing is fully functioning and animated. The APCs tech chip can be crafted in your on-person crafting menu.


    So enjoy and play around with it, I still have plans for the future when I figure out more things.

    Intended Changes/Updates:

    1) Give the APC the capacity/function to carry/transport other players.
    2) Make it count as a bed (gives health regeneration) to passengers
    3) Make the APC amphibious (float like a boat in water)
    4) Edit the projectiles speed to be faster

    Possible Changes/Updates:

    1)Possibly give it a coaxial machine gun
    2) Possibly give it a floodlight that moves to the cursor like the turret barrel does.

    Also heres my art thread were I post WIPs of other Starbound projects/mods, sprite resources, drawings and concepts.


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    nice job!

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