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How to update in Starbound (Steam)? help!

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by baionikku, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. baionikku

    baionikku Aquatic Astronaut

    It sounds strange, but I'm asking anyway:
    I have the Starbound on Steam for about 5 months ago. I have over 130 hours played. Every time I go, I appear new Starbound news and updates. The problem is that these updates do not appear on Steam and want to try what's new for Starbound. Does anyone know how I can update (Steam) the Starbound to leave me updates? Does it have to do with the mods? if you have to do, you have to remove the mods to update?
  2. Slippery Slime

    Slippery Slime Big Damn Hero

    Well those news and updates are just the dev blog, discussing what they are adding and doing with the game. These updates are continuously added in the nightly build, but it can be rather unstable (hence it is starbound (unstable) in your steam library.) You are playing on the current stable build, glad giraffe, which only receives the large stable updates. All of these updates will be released when the 1.0 stable update is released.

    If you want to try out nightly, it is unstable and more subject to bugs/glitches, but I've heard it is pretty impressive to see the changes and all that.
  3. baionikku

    baionikku Aquatic Astronaut

    That means the unstable is the only one with these updates and you miss, right?
  4. Urthdigger

    Urthdigger Title Not Found

    Unstable, and then you also have to go into the game properties on Steam and opt into the Nightly beta. That all said... you're gonna want to look up out to use console commands. This is Beta with a capital B, and a lot of stuff is in a broken or half-implemented state.
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  5. Sh4dowWalker96

    Sh4dowWalker96 Big Damn Hero

    Opting into the Nightly is NOT required to experience new content, just to experience it early and with all of the bugs that come from it being fresh.
  6. Darmak

    Darmak Void-Bound Voyager

    Yeah, all of the things you see in the dev blogs hasn't been added to the base game yet. It will all be available in the upcoming 1.0 update. You can see most of it by downloading the unstable version of the game and then opting into the nightly branch, but I wouldn't recommend that because it's a super early, broken version of the game that's just showing what the devs are working on. Like above posters have said, you'll need console commands to even get off the ship initially, and other aspects of the game are broken as well in the nightly. I would advise patience and wait for the 1.0 stable release instead of dealing with the headache that is the nightly version.
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