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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by WoxandWarf, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Yes but people are constantly asking how to do this anyway, contest or no.
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  2. And that's why I'm glad that I remembered to post it at all: It's helping people!
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    Wox you normally not productive.
    I am fearing that you are becoming a...
    ...a "logical being". :saywhat::eek:D:o_O
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  5. Looks pretty handy, I'll add it to the OP! :up:
    Or, in logical understandable language, stop being off topic.
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    Of course it is. ;)
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  7. Ctrl + T ?
    Canvas => Change size?
    EDIT: I guess yours is simpler.
  8. You want a proper-resized sprite. Resizing through that using sprite only resizes the only layer it's on, plus it doesn't resample to its nearest neighbor.
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    You made a tutorial? I didn't know you were smart~I mean good job!
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  10. since someone's been having issues resizing with MSpaint, despite checking this tutorial...

    I have one thing to say about MSpaint... [at least, for Vista. Not sure about Win7's MSpaint]

    It sucks at resizing. The resampling is pure whack since you can't really change those settings.
    So if you ever want to resize pixel art, I would not recommend MSpaint at all.
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    The way to resize pictures in SAI is so cheap :rofl:
  12. SAI only uses one type of resampling, which is definitely not Nearest Neighbor. That means changing the image size will not work very well. However, it has definite zoom levels, so screencapping at the right size can act as a form of Nearest Neighbor resampling

    I could say the same for MS paint, but there aren't many zoom levels for it.
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    Thank you very much, all of you! thanks to you i resized my first pixel art yay!
    Good Job everyone :D
  14. Does anyone know how to resize a .gif without having to modify every individual frame? Just spent a half hour converting this:
    Head Explosion.gif
    to this:
    Head Explosion 4x.gif
    It was horrible, and I don't want to have to do it again. >.<
    Congratulations! Care to post it here?
  15. As far as I know resizing the image using photoshop resizes all frames along.
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  16. Thanks! Now to get photoshop...
  17. Proof:

    Done these in less than 5 minutes

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  18. What are you using?
  19. Wonderful!
    I use Paint.net for...pretty much anything involving image editing. :badpokerface:
  20. How to resize an animated gif/png without an animation frames support [Requires a program with Nearest Neighbor Resampling and Layer support].
    [This is usually done when using gif creators through the web, where you have to upload every single frame to the site to create the gif]

    If not done already, place all animation frames into individual layers.
    Resize the entire image [not the canvas, not an individual layer].
    Individually save each layer.
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