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Server Help How to handle "universe.dat" with new players ???

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Spiderthunder, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Spiderthunder

    Spiderthunder Space Hobo

    Hi guys

    i played a while in singleplayer and completed all quests (main story + side quests). Now i start a private server because my friend have taked a look at starbound and was very interested to play with me. He bougth the game yesterday and i was starting to setup and configurate my server.

    Now i wonder how it works with the universe.dat file ??? - If iam right there is only one universe.dat file for a server - right ? I have completed all quests and the outpost have all unlocked what is possible. This is all saved in the universe.dat ... what is now if my friend join my server ? he havend done quests - starting new character ... can he do all quests again ???

    thx for helping
  2. Spiderthunder

    Spiderthunder Space Hobo

    can noeone help me ?
    it would be nice to get explained how this works to understand handling universe.dat for new players
  3. Firestorm258

    Firestorm258 Master Astronaut

    The universe - and it's progress - is based upon the progress stored in the host's universe files.
    If you want to play multiplayer, only the server needs the universe files. You need not send anything to your friends.
    For instance, if I host a game, my brother can join me and he'll walk around on the worlds stored in my save files.

    You can set up your private server to use your old universe files without a hitch.
    You could also use Starbound's inbuilt multiplayer mechanic to allow your friends to easily join your game (and thus universe) through Steam. They must have the same mods as you unless they're purely client-side, though. Same counts for using the starbound dedicated server tool

    Do note that quest progress is stored in a character's save files. This means that even if you have every mission completed, they will not.
    They can still access the Outpost and any story character that has been unlocked. They will still need to complete a few missions themselves though. Namely:
    • The FTL mission (Erchius Facility) to get their ship up and running.
    • The mech-based missions to unlock their own mech.
    • The Dreadwing mission to be able to access the Beak-Easy
    Not quite sure how it is with the Shockhopper Test mission and Biggy.

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