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Is this a good idea?

  1. Yes! i like it!

  2. No, i dont like it.

  3. I dont care.

  1. Mastaf

    Mastaf Big Damn Hero

    I see there's coming long-posting war - don't expect everyone will read them all, cause it's really hard.
    Just for you to know.
  2. Conclusion: Original Starbound won't have magic and all (or most) of us already know it, but mods will have it. So basically I don't see a reason to argue here about original Starbound. For your information, my previous post was regarding the case, when it's my mod and definitely not original Starbound, I think it was obvious, if not - then "what a shame..."
  3. Blazerer

    Blazerer Void-Bound Voyager

    Jokes on you though, when did this thread ever begin with: 'I'm WarStalkeR and I created a mod, of which I would like to share some ideas'? Exactly: never.

    This topic started as a discussion on magic in Starbound so I repeat my earlier statement:
    Lastly I'm getting sick of people who yell and claim a ton of things, then people post counter arguments and they realise they're being idiots and refuse to acknowledge any of the counter arguments let alone answer them. If you are like that: don't post at all.
  4. Sir, I think you didn't payed attention. I said it in they very first sentence in my post. " my case it will be a mod, made by me..."

    Nobody forces you to read forums and getting sick of people. Trust me, nobody. If you getting sick of people, its only your own problem.

    If you are like that: don't read at all.
  5. Drayden150

    Drayden150 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Awesome idea would fit in pretty well with Starbound its "magic like" but its scientific. Hope this gets in-game!
  6. DevilForce

    DevilForce Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Aw thanks mate! I appreciate it! ;)
  7. Zet0r

    Zet0r Twenty-three is number one

    I like the idea. I really want magic to be in this game, although I also see why it shouldn't be added. However I always support magic alternatives, like this. But in my opinion, I think it shouldn't be guns, more like a glove which glows or something, so that you get the feel of real magic.

    As to people disliking this because of the fact that magic must've existed if said scrolls are to be made, I suggest that, maybe they aren't a magic scroll, maybe it was just an ancient scientist researching the properties of a fireball, thinking that it was magic, but was wrong. Yet you can still replicate the fireball with the modern technology.
    I rather want it to be an actual magic scroll, but this is an alternative for people who doesn't want ANY trace of magic.
  8. Skippy3

    Skippy3 Pangalactic Porcupine

    This is less of magic and more of use of special technologies with unique effects, so why even bother to associate it with magic?

    For example:
    Gloves of mana regen solar panels
    +2 Mana energy regen

    Amulet of Firebolt neck-bound fire blast module
    5 Fire damage when activated on enemy
    Consumes 5 mana energy
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  9. SelfAwareChimp

    SelfAwareChimp Industrial Terraformer

    Not this thread again...
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  10. Magic won't be in game... But it will in my planned mod :\
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  11. LightHoof

    LightHoof Pangalactic Porcupine

    I'll be damned, this one necroed again
  12. DevilForce

    DevilForce Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Because it feels and looks like magic in a way, but it is science in another way.
    Imagine you are picking some flowers in the forest and suddenly a huge fire ball comes towards you and you barely dodge it. You would go like "WHAT SORCERY IS DIS?!" and then you see from where it came from, you see a man with the device i told about earlier (he shot at you cause he took you for a monster) that does the sciency thingy, you look at it and go "DIS IS NO MAGIC! DIS IS SCIENCE!"

    Im looking forward to it ^^
  13. TokamakuYokuu

    TokamakuYokuu Sandwich Man

    for the love of god

    swapping magic words for science words does not automatically remove the stench of magic
  14. DevilForce

    DevilForce Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    and that is what makes it more intersting
  15. TokamakuYokuu

    TokamakuYokuu Sandwich Man

    it's clearly magic shoveled in because someone wants magic and until the stench of magic gets washed off it's science fantasy, not science fiction
  16. DevilForce

    DevilForce Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    so raining fish, all those animals/creatures, the guns that shoot dragon formed fire or whatever that is is not fantasy? It can happen? fantasy becomes fiction the same way magic becomes science.
  17. TokamakuYokuu

    TokamakuYokuu Sandwich Man

    it's not about whether it happened, it's whether anyone would seriously take it as scientific in a game

    if it started raining fish in a game, the player would rightly assume you're off your rocker and that the entire scenario cannot be taken seriously without a very convincing explanation

    calling a fire amulet a hands-free pyroprojector still makes it a fire amulet because that's obviously what you were going for. as long as you approach it like this, you're going to make stuff that's wizardry putting on a sillier hat and calling itself sci-fi.

    let's use a fireball glove as an example

    as long as you think of it as a glove that somehow shoots fireballs at people first and a glove that launches flammable liquid globules from a wrist-mounted tank using pressurized gas as propellant second, you're going to make a magic fireball glove. the important point is making it feel like a real object that makes sense in the universe it exists in, not like a familiar magical thing with newer words attached. you're trying to directly translate fantasy into science instead of reinterpreting.

    there is a line between sci-fi that's fantasy with more lasers and sci-fi that's sci. blatantly trying to dress magic up as science crosses way over the line
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  18. Matt NA

    Matt NA Master Chief

    Give this man a cookie
  19. Aquillion

    Aquillion Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I think the first post described their idea so poorly that the entire discussion has been fairly irrevocably poisoned, at least in this thread.

    However, I will add my two cents: Thematically, I like the idea of my character being able to unlock psychic powers, mutations, implants that grant strange abilities and so forth... though that's largely what the tech system is, isn't it? Sufficiently Advanced Technology and all that. I totally want to be able to style my character as if they were a Jedi.

    There is definitely a thematic difference in terms of the kinds of powers you get, but, you know, a freeze ray or a shrink ray is totally sci-fi and also, basically, magical (in that they make no sense from a 'hard' sci-fi perspective.) And it's pretty clear Starbound isn't very hard sci fi -- in case it wasn't obvious when you started swinging around swords that lit people on fire.
  20. Estorm732

    Estorm732 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Well,the thing is...actually there is a very fine line between magic and sci-fi elements...
    If you create potions through and alchemist table,it becomes magic. If you create them(stimpack) thorugh chemistry,it becomes technology. But you see,essentially they're the same thing.Just in different skins.

    Same goes with weaponry.
    If you spread flames from your hand using a scroll,staff,whatever,it becomes magic. If you make up a technological explanation such as "we found out how to manipulate protons,neutrons and electrones of any atom freely,so you can re-synthesize air around you to form a flammable material with the help of this hand held device" it becomes technology.
    Same sh*t with different stories,really.

    My personal opinion is that magic would fit really well into this game.We already do have magical mobs,fantasy worlds...So why can't the player have their hands on them?We have plant guys walking around already...
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