How do I play music using the keyboard?

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    The documentation for Starbound indicates that instruments support both ABC notation and playing via keystrokes [1] [2]. I can't seem to work out how to activate the keystroke music mode though. In LOTRO (which I used to play until the server merge), it was the command /music but that doesn't seem to work in Starbound. I'm sure the answer is fairly obvious but I haven't managed to find the binding or command for the keystroke music mode in the settings screen. If someone could tell me how to play music using keys it would be greatly appreciated.

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    It is to my understanding that it is not currently possible to play instruments with keystrokes. ABC is the only way.
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    Aww. That's a shame, especially as it seems like it was a planned feature that's been either canned or put on the backburner. I will make a suggestion to the developers then. Thank you.
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