Hidden Easter Eggs?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dsoddancer, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. dsoddancer

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    I've only had this game for couple of weeks but I'm LOVING it, and decided to join the forum. I've been so interested in hearing what other players have discovered about characters and I have to say, it's really changed the way I think about the game.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any hidden easter eggs or interesting character connections that they've discovered or figured out out? I just really like reading them and learning new things about the game.

    • MaddisonGamer6

      MaddisonGamer6 Big Damn Hero

      1. wizard apparently had a wife once, wizard states in an event that the witch (the same witch that puts a void egg in your coop) was once his wife.
      2. If you click the TOP E on stardew valley title screen multiple times a alien comes out
      3. a sea monster rarely appears in the ocean.
      4. Use a super cucumber on a chest behind the blacksmith and you get a creepy robot
      5. put Duck Mayo on the chest in the Saloon (to get something cant remember what)
      6. Strange bun on Vincent's toy box (to get something cant remember what)
      I will probably update if I think of more
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      • Omnislash024

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        You can usually find alot of the Easter Eggs at the festival if you look south along the stream. Good luck beating Abigail.
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        • benevapwnz

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          I lol'd way too hard at this.

          OT tho, have you seen the "Jas speaks to the Devil" thread?
          • dsoddancer

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            Bahaha I didnt see the easter egg thing until now, that's hilarious. And I do remember seeing that thread but I don't think I've read anything from it yet. Thanks.
            • dsoddancer

              dsoddancer Space Hobo

              Update- Read the thread. So creepy o.o
              • benevapwnz

                benevapwnz Void-Bound Voyager

                Also, there is a poster of Crono from Chrono Trigger in Abigail's room and a poster from the farmer of Harvest Moon in Sebastian's room!
                • MagicallyClueless

                  MagicallyClueless Master Astronaut

                  that's a picture of the farmer from HM?!?! DANGIT
                  MY HEADCANON

                  i thought it was seb as a kid when i first looked at it (i like the idea of seb being a redhead when he was little) but i just looked at it again and yeah it does look like the harvest moon guy. and now i see the overalls. the hat makes sense too. i know the HM guy has brown hair but the poster just registered as red for me. xD
                  *lies down and pouts*

                  he can still be a redhead in my dreams
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                  • Caudyr

                    Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

                    Apparently there's a Quest for Glory (and slavic mythology?) reference in the maze (where Penny's at) during the Halloween event...

                    I'm ashamed at myself for not noticing that before, but it's awesome cause those old Sierra games were AMAZING. :D
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                    • Pranusha

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                      In order to have the attached Easter Egg triggered, the capsule needs to be left on the farm for three days or more (one in-game day being less than 15 minutes in real-time) after which it will automatically convert into an Empty Capsule. Anything can be done with the capsule after the mysterious creature escapes from within.

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