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    So, my girlfriend hates mayonnaise. Like, the thought of it makes her gag. So, I decided to edit it out for her! And then also, share with anyone who wants it!

    I've replaced the mayo jars themselves with little meringues, and changed the mentions of them and of the machine to say meringue. It's a simple little mod, but one that I know at least one person in this world will enjoy!

    ***This mod is labeled a WIP because it is largely untested***

    Below is a picture of the plain, duck, and void meringues respectively! :)


    When you've downloaded the files, extract, and then drag the mod files into the folders in your game files under the same name as they're in in the mod folder. Replace the files (rename or back up the original!) and you should be golden!

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    • BeneathThePlass

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      You are adorable and absolutely far too sweet, doing this for your girlfriend. <3 I love it. I don't mind mayo myself, but this is definitely too cute to pass up.
      • Zosa

        Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

        i find mayo to be abhorrent so this is brilliant, thankyou!
        • Zosa

          Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

          hi there, so if you already have mayo in a chest it is still called mayo, also the cactus in calico has no description, there is an error item and i just had the halloween event and the shop has a descrip-free item with the icon of the statue in the maze
          • coldazrael

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