Heya guys, got a question about relationships...

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  1. Queen_RazDaz

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    Can i become abigail's girlfriend as well as shane's? i want to experience shanes storyline but dont want to break up with abigail.
    Thank you for any replies!!!!!
    • Elenna101

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      Yes, you can date as many people as you want at the same time, so you can get everyone to 10 hearts if you want.

      You can only marry one person at a time, but you can still date other people while married. However there's a chance of your spouse getting jealous (and losing some friendship points) if you gift someone you're dating while you're married. Also you can divorce and remarry if you want but the old spouse will refuse to talk to you (there's a way to get rid of that but I don't know if you want spoilers).
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      • Queen_RazDaz

        Queen_RazDaz Intergalactic Tourist

        Thanks! You guys are all so helpful. I don't mind spoilers as I know a lot about stardew valley but have never really ventured into the realm of relationships!! Thanks again
        • Elenna101

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          In that case, you can wipe your ex-spouse's memory by paying 30,000g to one of the statues in the Witch's Hut (that you unlock after completing the community center). You'll start back at 0 hearts with them.
          • Phea

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            You can date everyone at once and they won't notice unless you are dating every single bachelor/bachelorette. If you are dating everyone at once, there will be a special cutscene in the Saloon (bring a rabbit's foot for luck!).
            • WilliamZ

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              If you want to see 10 hearts events I suggest to you check on Youtube, because once you pass 8 hearts they start to become flirty with you, I did that with Abigail and I really feel sorry for her =(
              • Elenna101

                Elenna101 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Clarification: If you see all the bachelor's 10-heart events, there will be a special scene in the Saloon. If you see all the bachelorette's 10-heart events, there will be a special scene in Haley and Emily's house.
                If you have a rabbit's foot on you, it will just be a friendly thing, otherwise they'll get pissed at you for playing with them. They stop talking to you for a week but then everything goes back to normal.

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