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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WillyoWisp, Sep 17, 2018.

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    First things first: My monitor has a max resolution of 1024x768. I understand there's going to be issues, however I'm not interested in getting a widescreen monitor until actually necessary, especially seeing as the only issue here is not being able to play in full screen.

    Usually, it just says that the resolution isn't supported until I either use Alt+Enter or close the game.
    Yesterday it apparently used bilateral scaling and managed to display the game at the "normal resolution" in full screen while maintaining the 1024x768 display making it extremely small, but still displayable. After a bit of work looking through the startup preferences and other files, I managed to get it to actually work in 1024x768 and was playing all day.

    Now though, it's back to just not displaying at all. Both yesterday and today I was using SMAPI. Does anyone have any idea on how to get it working again?
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      Assuming it's currently messed up. try hitting "alt" + "enter" that should exit fullscreen and let you see your desktop again.
      Then the game will understand it's running in windowed mode and both should be working.
      set the Non game resolution back to what it should be.

      Then go in SDV, go into Settings and change the resolution to the same, and then change settings to borderless window instead of full screen. Then it should quit messing with your system resolution.

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