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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by rekkandevar, Oct 23, 2019.

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    I'm trying to make a custom dungeon out of a planet, specifically the one I built my base on. I've found a bunch of tutorials on unpacking player files, and upon looking at the internals they are recognizably JSONs. World files use binary encoding, though, so they look like gibberish inside and neither asset_unpacker.exe nor dump_versioned_json.exe will do anything with them. I thought maybe I could use planet_mapgen.exe to re-generate the worlds, but in the powershell there's no way to specify that it's building a world from a file. It's just world coordinates. Also, the output image for this method clearly doesn't bother building any micro dungeons. I know this because the planet I built my base on has an avian hut right next to spawn, and the generated image has neither the hut nor anything that would suggest a hut would generate there.

    Here's the exact command I put in if anyone needs it. The powershell window was based in the /win32 folder, not the regular starbound folder.

    .\planet_mapgen.exe -coordinate 638356156:-377848250:90133604:11 -size 4000,3000

    I'll be able to use a way to make planet_mapgen generate an image based on a world file, a way to convert world files to json files or a way to open world files in tiled.
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