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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Jonmarc7f95, Jan 13, 2021.

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    tl;dr - please help me find the file which sets Blueprints as consumable or any mod that shares blueprints in multiplayer

    Hey, I'm playing a modded game with a group of friends, and our current pet peeve is how blueprints only add the recipe to the player who learned them, which makes it so as the game progresses each one of us has an increasingly different crafting list (which we don't want).
    After searching for a while, we couldn't find a mod that solves that problem. I've decided to try building one, with no knowledge whatsoever of modding Starbound beyond the wikis. Thus, I've come to the forum gods to ask for help.

    1. My first plan was to have the game simply "register" when any player learns a new recipe, and patch each player's Player.Config with the same recipe. From my reading that seems impossible, as I couldn't find a way for different clients to communicate that they found a recipe in the first place, but if I'm wrong please correct me as that would be the most elegant solution.

    2. my second plan was to simply make every blueprint reusable, like codex entries, so we could swap them around. My instinct tells me all that would take to change is a couple words in some config file. However, after hours of searching I still can't find the file that sets blueprints as consumable in the first place, or give them any other of their properties. Is that idea workable? if so, where is the file that does that?

    Also, if any of you have any other ideas on how to make a mod to share blueprints/recipes, or an existing mod that already does that, I'd love your assistance. Thank you so much <3

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