Help! how can i merge mods?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by strawberry420, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. strawberry420

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    helloo, i just wanted to know how can i merge two differents mods, cause i would like to have some furniture from one mod and replace some things with other furnitures that are from another mod.
    I already read/watch some tutorials but it seems like the only way to do this is editing the xnb files. and the mods that i have are content patcher mods... so what can i do?
    (im really sorry for my english, i speak spanish) :casper:
    • Tekimimotaku

      Tekimimotaku Master Chief

      I haven't messed with furniture mods, but I have combined hair mods before. I edit the xnb files, so I don't know how to help guide you. But I can download the mods you want to combine and you could give me a list of the furniture you want and I could combine them for you. I would love to actually, because I find editing the files fun. I'll leave how to get the finished xnb file to you up to you, if you want me to do it for you. And I'll walk you through how to get it to work after I make sure I've done it right and everything is lined up properly.
      • hatmouse

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        Not at all :) One of the many perks of Content Patcher (and reasons XNB modding is now discouraged) is that mods for CP don't need to replace the entire file like an XNB one does -- they can be made in such a way to only change specific sprites. Another nice one is that they don't need to be in XNB format, so the assets in your CP pack will almost always be easy-to-edit PNGs. Without knowing the exact two mods you want to merge (assuming they are in fact incompatible!), generally I would say if either do a full-file replace ("Action": "Load" in the content.json), to just pick the one you want the most of and use your favorite image editor to copy sprites from the other. Nothing else would be needed.

        If they do more selective replacing, like an overlay or editing specific coordinates, they might mostly work together already and just overlap in a few places, in which case you could, say, erase one version of a sprite so it only shows the other, etc. Once you start personalizing your content packs you'll kind of do your own thing, but it can kinda depend on the mod, which brings me to...

        Which two mods are you trying to combine?
        • artemis_foxx

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          I like to use this mod:

          You mostly just need to edit the sprite sheet(s) in the assets folder in the mod. I use photoshop but I'm sure there's other software that you can use. It's pretty easy to copy and paste assets from other mods onto the sprite sheet. Just don't claim the assets or mods as your own.

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