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  1. jjcm04

    jjcm04 Twenty-three is number one

    I am John or also known as jjcm04 and I have been playing starbound for about 290+ Hours (as steam says) and I have a few ideas for farming since that is my favorite thing. I would like to see us using water more maybe in pipes or some type or irrigation system with a water pump to make the water flow back up and to bring back the sprinkler system, also I would like to see more done with the boneboo and the neon mellon. Also I love this game so far and since I wanted to do a youtube video on this game with maybe some facts or like a top 5. Thank you for reading and for stopping by and please leave a comment on here on what you think about my ideas and to ask me questions and to make friends.
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  2. Hello and [​IMG] to the forums John!
    I think your ideas are pretty interesting, pumping water through pipes would be something I would like to see in the future as well [​IMG]
  3. jjcm04

    jjcm04 Twenty-three is number one

    Thank you Fire :)
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    welcome to the forums dude :rofl: i love your ideas. it would be something id like to see implemented in the game. ( i would probably make some realy complicated stuff with pipes and water flow though :DD)
  5. jjcm04

    jjcm04 Twenty-three is number one

    Thank you:) I also like using the stuff already in the game to make other interesting items and since I love farming (at least in this game) I would like us to use the water in the game either from the ocean planets or when it rains because I normally build my farm on Lush planets since the monsters are weak and I can easily farm meat and poultry (if those bird things are there that breath fire)
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    Welcome to the forums.
  7. jjcm04

    jjcm04 Twenty-three is number one

    Thank you
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    [​IMG]good sir!
  9. jjcm04

    jjcm04 Twenty-three is number one

    Thank you Cross

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