Building/Ship Hello I made a castle and writing some Glitch lore.

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    Hello this is my Castle and soon to be a metropolis(I plan to turn this planet into a sprawling city with underground MTR system), But now a castle will do :D
    I named it "Black Diamond" for now until I can come up with a cooler, better, more poetic name for this :D
    This is the western part of the castle
    This is the central part of the castle.
    This is the eastern part of the castle.
    This is the donjon
    These are important components of the castle.
    This is the barrack, headquarter of the guards.
    This is the reception hall for the guest or the representative from other political entity.
    This is the parliament hall, Where the representative from each section of the (soon to be) metropolis come together and making law.
    This is Library, It contains the books that otherwise would be forbidden in mainstream Glitch library
    This is a saloon
    This is the security bureau every security cameras in the castle are connected to the monitors in this room and being monitored by the security officer(The purple space guy)
    This is the observatory and power plant the most important part of the castle.
    And I guess that's thank you for your time I will write Glitch lore in the comment section

    Glitch Political landscape
    The Glitch spread across the universe and ruling themselves in their villages In a form of feudalism, But there is one political entity calls "The Etherum Empire" which is supposed to be the central government of the whole glitch race
    But it's just a confederation of 8 major Glitch states, these states control a large area of the star system, some states even control more than one system
    They all form a confederation to ensure the hegemony
    The Empire is economic powerhouses the de-facto capital is "Chalybeus" the planet located at the centre of the Glitch political power base where the Lord President of the Privy Council the de-facto ruler of the empire appoints the Emperor the de-jure ruler of the empire
    The Empire is vigorously promoting the medieval ideas into the population, it discourages the scientific learning and cultural exchange between the other races and the majority of Glitch population while the ruling class employ the best scientific minds within their grip to do the experiment for them, they trying to make the population think that they(the ruling class) are untouchable and the duty of the population is to work for their lord and their lord is the owner of their lives
    This doesn't sit well with the intellectuals of the Glitch, the intellectuals want to educate the population to increase their potential so that they can live the better life and develop the Glitch society, But doing so will threaten the absolute control of the elite in Chalybeus
    But not lords in the feudal system agree with words of the capital some of the lords don't support the brainwashing policy of the empire while the others are being treated unjustly by the elites but these lords power is no match for the 8 elites
    The Great Migration
    The Lord President of the Privy Council outlaws all scientific teaching and starts executing the intellectuals
    Some escape from the capital but not everyone
    This action was an earthquake in the major states in the empire, some portion of the population start question the authority of their lord, and some of the lords are now openly oppose the authority of the empire
    The Glitch who oppose the empire are being called "The Outcast" by the Empire supporter.

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