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Hearts aren’t going up when I give loved gifts

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bill_Wush, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Bill_Wush

    Bill_Wush Space Hobo

    Hey everyone I believe I have encountered some kind of glitch on the current version of the PS4 edition of stardew. When I give gifts to villagers they’re hearts no longer go up, this seems to have started on the spirts eve day in the fall of the first year of playing on this save, or example Emily is at 7 hearts so I gave her jade as a gift and the little heart icon showed up above her head but when I go to the relationships section on the menu it still says she is at 7 hearts, this is also happening with characters like Jodi, Linus, and Clint. Am I missing something or is this some sort of bug or glitch, have any of you encountered this and what should I do?

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