Modding Help Having one ear in front of hair and the other behind?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Leafia_Barrett, Dec 12, 2019.

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    I'm trying to mod a race such that it has 1 ear show in front of the hair, and the other behind it, because having both ears in front either looks like complete trash or is severely restrictive if the ears are large. My first idea was to make the back ear classify as facial hair, which should make it behind the hair, unless I misunderstand entirely (I probably do). The problem is, I can't get the second ear to show up at all. This is the stuff that's already there (using everis and kitsune races as examples to work off of):
    "altOptionAsUndyColor" : true,
    "headOptionAsHairColor" : true,
    "altOptionAsHairColor" : true,
    "altOptionAsFacialMask" : true,
    "altColorAsFacialMaskSubColor" : true,
    "hairColorAsBodySubColor" : true,
    And this is what I added:
    "altOptionAsFacialHair" : true,
    "genders" : [{
    "facialHairGroup" : "earsback",
    "facialHair" : [ "earback1", "earback2", "earback3", "earback4", "earback5", "earback6", "earback7", "earback8", "earback9", "earback10", "earback11" ],
    This should enable the second ear to show up, shouldn't it? What am I missing? (Alternately, am I going about it the entire wrong way, and if so how do I do this?)

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