Have any of you guys got your family members into SDV?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PorcelainCompletionist, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. PorcelainCompletionist

    PorcelainCompletionist Lucky Number 13

    I recently was on a trip with my girlfriend, she met my family and all was nice. I decided to show my four-year-old cousin Stardew Valley. I let him play around with it and he was very happy with the game. I felt a sensation of warmness in my heart.
    My girlfriend ended up buying Stardew Valley for him, and now we talk about the journal quests and all. Have any forum users experienced the same thing?

    *UPDATE* : My cousin ended up completing the community center tasks. I raised him well. :cry:
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    • Lilliput

      Lilliput Supernova

      Family, no. Best friend, yes.
      • PorcelainCompletionist

        PorcelainCompletionist Lucky Number 13

        Nice to hear!
        • Dokka

          Dokka Tentacle Wrangler

          I got my daughter into it. When the patch goes live we're going to buy Stardew Valley for my hubby's computer so my daughter and I can play together.
          • PorcelainCompletionist

            PorcelainCompletionist Lucky Number 13

            That's just adorable!
            • Reneeisxena

              Reneeisxena Big Damn Hero

              My husband doesn't really care for it. He's more into games like Metal Gear and GTA, which are great games but more action oriented than SDV.
              • Erick648

                Erick648 Pangalactic Porcupine

                I've gotten my mom playing it (and the only other computer game she plays is Plants vs. Zombies), and am hoping to get my fiancee into it (she's never played a computer game before). The main draw for both of them is the multiplayer.
                • musical74

                  musical74 Space Kumquat

                  Family, no. I'm the only one in my family that really plays video games. Have gotten a few friends on board though!
                  • phichikapparho

                    phichikapparho Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    Got my wife into it HARD. She has played about a week and now halfway through year 2. I just got into winter of year 1 on switch.(We purchased the game at the same time.)

                    Great game idea but imo not something I liked on the computer overly much. The portable nature of the switch coupled with the super laid back gameplay is perfect though.

                    Our daughter is into it a bit but she doesn't like to have to "work" in most video games. Ie. If everything isn't just given to her right up front she quickly loses interest. But since she is only 7.... makes sense. I don't think I had much drive to play games like this when I was that age. (Course I only had the NES and the Sega master system at the time and that makes a difference. None of those games had save files even that I remember, at least none of the ones I played frequently.)
                    • Borodin

                      Borodin Oxygen Tank

                      Family and best friend, yes. My wife.
                      • BananaPremium

                        BananaPremium Void-Bound Voyager

                        Awww. That's so impressive; what a quick learner!
                        I have a few friends that got me into Stardew and now I just got my significant other into it.

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