Have any of y'all dreamt about a suspicious man inStardew valley?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HarshBrown, Sep 17, 2021.

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    Have any of y'all dreamt about a man in Stardew valley? If so I did too, I was laying in my bed thinking what I was gonna do to my farm tomorrow until I fell asleep, this is where my weird dream about Stardew valley begins:

    It was 6 pm I was farming some crops and noticed that I ran out of seeds, I went to Pierre's to get more when I exited the store it was already night "that's weird did I spent a lot of time picking seeds to plant next? Time sure flies" I said to myself, but I saw a man standing next to a streetlamp wearing a very suspicious clothing let's call him "suspicious man", I ignored interacting with the NPC since it was 11 pm already, I went home and sleep in my bed, the next day I went mining to get more stone for my stone wall after that, I exited the mines and saw the same NPC from last night, but this time he was slowly walking, I was creeped out so I just walked home and ignore him, but THIS dude was following me all the way home, he was running like he was Usain bolt or some sh*t, " was he gonna sell me some weed? Heck Nah", but this is where it gets even WEIRDER the NPC was glitching everywhere, his sprite would clip everywhere, it's like he was watching a lot of "how to do a out of bounds glitch in stardew valley?", I went inside my house safely and he didn't return for the next 6 days....

    Anyways that's my story, don't mind my terrible grammar I've been skipping English class.

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