Has this game been abandoned by developers?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xxprismatic, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. xxprismatic

    xxprismatic Aquatic Astronaut

    Maybe an odd question, but I seriously wonder if the game has been abandoned.
    No updates (except ports) and no game-changes for the longest time.

    I've read somewhere in a article (don't remember which one) that the dev wanted to try
    out new projects. And we've been waiting forever on multiplayer when mod makers
    already accomplished this last summer.

    Are we waiting for stuff thats never coming or is a lot happening behind the scenes?

    I don't mean to rush/hurt/troll/aggravate anyone. So please be kind in return.
    • Ainzoal

      Ainzoal Ketchup Robot

      Trying to figure out if you're serious.
      • Iris Blanche

        Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

        Stardew Valley was made by 1 person. Updates will take a bit longer in this case. Also when other people start working on Stardew Valley too they still need to work into the sourcecode if necessary which also takes time. Also multiplayer is not just "oh let's put in multiplayer" and it's there ;) A lot of syncing between clients is needed: Events, time, growth state of crops, npc pathing, animations and a lot more... ^-^ Mod makers maybe accomplished a multiplayer system but i bet it's not 100% accurate and has syncing issues (which is totally fine for a mod though, because a mod maker don't know what data needs to be synced in detail).

        Better updates take a bit longer but are mostless bug-free instead of the AAA-title patching. Patch -> fixed one bug, introduces 10 new bugs x)
        So be patient :D

        ~ Iris ~
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        • Rauchschwalbe

          Rauchschwalbe Cosmic Narwhal

          Seriously? CA developed this game on his own, all alone!
          And localizations aren`t just something you just make in a few days, it takes a lot of effort. I think you never programmed yourself? You don`t need only the translations, but also need to make sure, that button sizes fit, text boxes fit, translations are accurate, testing,...
          You talk about it as if it was just something minor.

          We already got a pretty big content update and I don`t see where CA promised to deliver another one?
          And yeah, a team of modders (more than one person) released a multiplayer mod. Which sometimes doesn`t work correctly and can crash your saves. I respect the work of everyone who mods, but don`t forget that mods are often created by a whole team and not a single person, if it is a big mod.
          • xxprismatic

            xxprismatic Aquatic Astronaut

            I don't mind being patient. I just think there should be a little bit more clear information if the game is going to be updated or not.
            If not, than thats fine, but just say so.
            • Iris Blanche

              Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

            • NikkSword

              NikkSword Pangalactic Porcupine

              The game IS being updated. Right now it is being localized and translated into multiple languages, as well as fixing bugs for consoles. Multi-Player is being worked on, and the Mods created by Moders crash/disrupt the game (as far as I know there is no good/active multiplayer mod, they all have issues)
              • daenerys_raine

                daenerys_raine Aquatic Astronaut

                OP, it's getting ported onto the Nintendo Switch. Multiplayer will be available there first. The Creator is working on the game and doing an awesome job.
                • Ayriee

                  Ayriee Starship Captain

                  https://twitter.com/ConcernedApe/status/836667019931967488 <---- PC will be getting Multiplayer first. Nintendo Switch will just be the first CONSOLE to get Multiplayer.
                  • WilliamZ

                    WilliamZ Phantasmal Quasar

                    This isn't a online MMO, he already sold the game and fixed some major issues (except the animal bugs, but It was been adressed already), so I don't think that he need to feed us with updates for free anymore and need to work with DLC packs, so we can continue to support his work.

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