Has anyone ever played the Guardian Legend?

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by FoxDE2, Oct 9, 2017.

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    The Guardian Legend is an old NES game which basically had you walk around with an overworld sort of like The Legend of Zelda, only with sci fi. You'd collect sci fi-esque power ups and you'd fight sci fi like creatures.

    There was one catch to the game, though. The levels where you beat major bosses and progressed were a SHMUP, otherwise known as a Shoot 'Em Up (jet flying game.)

    Why not add that kind of feature to Starbound? I know that we already have mechs, and honestly mechs are very cool; but why not add...you know, a jet? Make a SHMUP styled stage (or stages) with bosses at the end of them, reminiscent of this great game? If the devs wanted to watch a playthrough of The Guardian Legend:

    and get some ideas, I think it'd totally rock if they added something to the game which felt similar to The Guardian Legend.

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