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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by mollygos, Jan 28, 2015.

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    YES!! It is christmas. Now to wait for second Christmas, when my favorite mods will be updated.
    Ah, its always something to wait for, isnt there?
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    well i mean, you're never going to "see the argument", that's how arguments like this work, at this point you'd look pretty silly agreeing with me.

    but yanno, this is my curse so here we go:

    everyone wants to please as much of their player base as possible, it's more about deciding who your player base is. when you set your player base for "everyone who played minecraft but lets also put in quests to get those people too" it's because you need shekel.
    Already covered how nothing I say, no matter the rationale i give, will make you agree with me.... some more bullnany... oh here... placeholder

    this is the only thing that really excuses any of this. the fact that it will hopefully not be exactly the same "when" the game is released.

    by boring planets i mean. look at the old universe, you could have just about any planet anywhere as far as i could tell. look at the real universe,
    such diversity.
    In reality there are not "radiocative" stars (all stars are radioactive) with only jungle/"alien"(lame classification)/ snow planets around them. yes, i can see there is some breaking of these rules. they are still arbitrary rules and take away from the game IMO. if you want to know what i would be satisfied with, look at the Variety Is the Spice Of The Universe mod, that is what this game should have at minimum. this pretty much goes across the board. allot of time has passed since the last stable update and i'm not seeing much new biomes, planet types(im not going to consider ocean planets a serious addition considering how none of the islands touch the ground and it should have been a planet type looooong before now, my mods added better ocean planets that actually had some variety to them)
    the problem is that when i warp into an erratic star with 4 ocean planets and 3 arid planets, it's pretty much irrelevant which one i go to. it's just like "oh wow an absurdly unlikely system of nearly identical ocean planets and nearly identical arid planets(which are above desert on difficulty for what reason??? do the devs know what arid means in relation to desert?) i guess i just pick one and walk around until i get some better loot. that's not what the game is supposed to be like. "oh wow an absurdly realistic star system with an asteroid belt, 3 gas giants with a handful of moons, 3 terrestrial planets in various stages of fucked up and an extremely unique little terran planet that reminds me of how humanity fits into the universe and shit" is more the gameplay experience im looking for. it's not like it would be any harder to spread the planets out in a less ludicrous fashion. on top of all that it shouldn't just be endless orbits of "jungle" planet that are all about the same. there should be various classifying keywords attached to jungle that make it "toxic jungle" "magma jungle" "giant jungle" or whatever.

    as for the robot boss my problem isn't it's existance. it's the continued existance. this game was being updated "every night at 4am" and that boss has been in nightly for at least a few months, likely longer. all they have to do is change some numbers in an XML(or whatever they use) database to manipulate stats(as far as my knowledge of game development tells me it is exactly that easy). so why not just make it too easy to start so that people aren't god damned stuck on it. SEEMS LOGICAL TO ME. it currently hits me for around 200 damage. it would take all of at most an hour to make that number 100... or more reasonably something like 50.
    why would they want that, that's sadistic and not conducive to people enjoying the game for the features that actually make it interesting. fighting 2D bosses was done about 20 years ago, you can't even place blocks in the fight so there's really not much of a difference and doing quests is the most tired shit in gaming right now so why take your game from something fresh and vaguely new, to that old trash.

    the thing is that fighting that boss isn't complex, it's just broken. even fighting a hard boss in world of warcraft wasn't that complex, most people wipe raids out of sheer stupidity and inattentiveness. the wiring system is complex, the direction modders are taking the game : setting up an automated base with a powergrid, working with number transmitting wires or Frakin Flora Crafting is complex. that was the kind of shit that not everyone could even do and that's what made it cool. the best part was it wasn't required to play the game, just like questing shouldn't be required. so really it is simplifying it when they could have added more ACTUALLY COMPLEX things to do rather than boss fights which are, in the grand scheme of things, pretty simple.
    i also don't use the creative mod(another thing that should just be in the game and it amazes me that it isn't)

    everything you are saying is so tinged by your gamer urge to defend a game you like. try logic instead. I really liked this game, I've been playing it for almost every waking hour, but i'm not going to ignore the fact that this is a bad move. It was alright when it was in nightly because i expected the changes that make it not suck would be implemented before it was the only thing you could play. but yanno, they didn't and there's nothing anyone can do about it. There's fat chance they give a shit about my opinion or ideas, so it's not like that matters. What i'm saying is that i don't have nearly as much respect for them as developers as i did a week ago.

    IMO betas are dumb anyway and a friend bought me this, i would never pay for a beta, that's just stupid, i don't even think that should be legal.
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    You didn't actually read the quest popups, didya? :3
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    We require all posts to be in English, or provide a translation.
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    Didn't read the whole argument, but I've got to admit, the state where the game is is pretty disturbing.
    I've played a while ago, and the core mechanics were not really balanced, i figured, heck, I'll try the game again now, and is seeing that basically nothing as changed. So yeah, content, content everywhere (well not really at the beginning but apparently that's what's been worked on the past few months), but there's still something feeling "empty" in this game. There is also this pretty annoying feel that the game does not even try to separate itself from Terraria (I mean, pickaxes... really?).

    Some things still seems unbalanced. Three hits from a monster to get killed early game, ok, it's a survivor game, but meh. I've pickaxed for like 5 minutes and apparently broke my pickaxe to the point were it actually disappeared from my inventory (and here i know we're in a game, but a pickaxe in the real world does not magically disappear). Monster AI is still pretty much not very fluid, and this is just from a few hours gameplay.

    I would like to add to the previous discussion that game devs are not here to please their fanbase per se, they're here to have a clear vision of what the game should be. Because it's not possible to make everyone happy, and trying to please everyone is a sure way to go in every direction, loose time and focus on the main aspects.
    Clearly there is no vision here, and i'm feeling a lot of the time is spent on undoing thing and doing them again, and there's also the feeling that rather than confront the main issues of the game : core gameplay, the dev rather simplify their life by adding content to please a part of their fanbase.

    BTW, not that it should matter much, but Starbound is 6.2 on Metacritic, Terraria is 8.5... (but i guess this is a little trolling so...)
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  7. Rainbow Dash

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    well to be fair, hating startbound was almost as big as a fad as Popples

    *i bet no one here even knows what those are :p*

    also you gotta use the matter manipulator to dig now

    propley cus everyone was like "why am i useing a pickaxe in my cool spaceman game and not the matter manipulator super gun lazor miner beam", well they didnt say it like that but its basicly the point
    besides you can upgrade it and it later gets amasing, tho even fully maxed out its still a pain to get past the ground level on volcanic and scorched planets
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  8. Pdexter

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    Thanks for your very helpful comment. Jokes aside. I can't figure out what to do after I go to the gate. I cannot find a way to find 20 Erchius crystals. I've been to the gate and I couldn't interact with the penguinbay-thingy and I can't complete the other questline because I can't find any titanium in this system.
  9. Scival

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    Talk to them.
  10. MrStrangerPL

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    How's the ,,XP not working at all'' thing?
  11. kamstew

    kamstew Astral Cartographer

    it's not that XP doesn't work. it doesn't exist in this game.
  12. TKMs

    TKMs Void-Bound Voyager

    Was long-awaited update!
    However, what the unstable was working, in the stable version was no longer able to even boot. OS win XP.
    I have been wrapped in deep despair.
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  13. kamstew

    kamstew Astral Cartographer

    considering that just about none of my friends liked this game after trying it - and neither do i after this update- i think 6.2 is generous. I only know one person who played this game, actually liked it and continued to play(he probably hates this update too though)
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  14. MrStrangerPL

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    You know I'm talking about the OS? Starbound ain't working on Win XP anymore.
  15. HoodieNinja_7

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    Yeah, small issue with everything you're saying.
    I am stuck with two quests requiring vast quantities of steel.
    Steel, as far as I've read, requires oil, which requires a Matter Manipulator upgrade.
    I have received zero ingame guidance as to how to do this.
    So, either the wiki is wrong (which is very possible at this state), or I'm missing something.
    Please assist, miss high and mighty.
  16. MrStrangerPL

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    Progression seems pretty obvious. AI tells you, that it can upgrade your matter manipulator to beeing able of collecting liquids. So what's the deal? Where's this f%cking oil is a different question.
  17. Kawa

    Kawa Tiy's Beard

    @HoodieNinja_7: grabbing the flashlight from your locker unlocks the MM upgrade path on SAIL.
  18. SouThhy

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    Yes, WinXP not working at all, entry errors and other things
  19. MrStrangerPL

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    Yeah, I know. I have one. Any progress about that?
  20. SouThhy

    SouThhy Void-Bound Voyager

    People say this:

    I too solved the problem unpacking the packed.pak file.
    You do it like this:
    Open the command window
    Assuming you have steam under c:
    cd "steam\steamapps\common\starbound\win32"
    asset_unpacker "c:\steam\steamapps\common\starbound\assets\packed.pak" "c:\steam\steamapps\common\starbound\assets\"
    then open, in the win32 folder, the file sbboot.config
    you have to change this:

    "handleFatalSignals" : true,
    "handleInterruptSignal" : true,
    "assetSources" : [

    into this

    "handleFatalSignals" : true,
    "handleInterruptSignal" : true,
    "assetSources" : [

    you just have to take out the packed.pak part

    That solved it for me. I believe it will solve the problem for the others
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