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    I am leaving the public modding scene of Stardew for the time being. I enjoyed being part of the early creation of mods, but my life has become too busy at this point to continue to provide development or support for my mods. As they are open source, anyone is free to derive any works for them provided their works are open sourced under GPL.
    I wish the best of Stardew and to all modders and those of the community - it was fun. Goodbye for now.

    I've recently acquired a job and, currently, do not have any spare time on my hands. I will do my best to keep my mods working, but actual feature additions, new mods, etc are most likely stalled until sometime in the future. Thank you.
    (I also won't be able to provide nearly as much help. If you encounter an error or bug, please try to figure it out yourself or see if another community member can help. If it's an actual problem with a mod, I'll look into it, but if the mod is working on my end I simply don't have the time to debug it any further right now. Apologies in advance!)

    All of my mods require SMAPI, which can be found at:

    To install any of these mods: Download the ZIP and extract the folder to %AppData%\StardewValley\Mods
    There should be a folder with the mod name for each mod, and the mod itself goes inside the folder.

    All features can be freely changed via a config file that is generated and placed next to the DLL when the game is launched via StardewModdingAPI.exe.
    More mods on the way in the future! Not right now...

    • Base Settings
    • Always Perfect Catch
    • Always Find Treasure
    • Instant Fish Catch
    • Instant Treasure Catch
    • Fish Difficulty Multiplier
    • Fish Difficulty Additive
    • Slower Bar Drain (LossAdditive- 0.003 means you cannot lose the fish)
    • Infinite Tackle Use
    • Infinite Bait
    • Diagonal Movement Fix
    • Custom Walking Speed <= I suggest leaving this off to ensure that events don't break.
    • Custom Running Speed
    Better RNG:
    • Completely redefines the Random Number Generator to use a Mersenne Twister Generator for random happenings. This cannot be turned off. If you understood how CA handles RNG in the base game you would understand why. Every other setting in this mod can be configured as wanted.
    • Randomizes daily luck every morning using the above method, and overrides the game's way of doing it.
    • Weather
    • Randomizes the next day's weather every morning based on the chance values in the config.
    • Sunny day chance
    • Cloudy (or light snow in Winter) day chance
    • Rainy day chance
    • Stormy day chance (thunder/lightning)
    • Blizzard chance
    • Note that the above 5 values do not need to total 100%. Chances for each are calculated relative to their other values.
    • Also note that some days of the game have hardcoded weather, meaning I cannot change the weather on those days (at least not yet). This will cause the weather channel to be wrong on those types of days. Normally, the weather channel will be correct though.
    • And in case anyone was wondering - it cannot snow outside of winter, and it cannot storm in winter.
    • Fishing Not working right now.
    • Fishing Treasure Override
    • Fishing Treasure Chance
    • Other Fishing Stuff
    • Allows the player to regenerate health/stamina passively over time. You can define which of the below features you want freely.
    • RegenStamina
    • RegenStaminaIsNegative (You lose stamina instead of gain it)
    • RegenStaminaOnlyWhileStill
    • RegenStaminaPerSecond
    • RegenHealth
    • RegenHealthIsNegative
    • RegenHealthOnlyWhileStill
    • RegenHealthPerSecond
    Durable Fences:

    Calendar Anywhere:
    • Open the calendar anywhere
    • To open the calendar, mouse over the day/date in the top-right corner. The text should change temporarily to say "Calendar", and clicking that will open the calendar. If using a controller, you must press the 'A' button (bottom button) when 'moused' over the date.
    • Note that this is a little buggy if you use the zoom feature. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
    Junimo Deposit Anywhere:
    • WARNING: If this is not used in a very specific way, your game will crash. You will lose all progress for the day you were on. I will not help you if you do not read the following warning: Completing a bundle outside of the community center will invariably crash your game. I have used this mod constantly without a crash occurring. When depositing an item into the box-things, I would advise right-clicking to pick up the item, and left clicking to place it down, as this does actually make a difference code-wise, but again, do not complete a bundle outside of the community center. That is all.
    • Deposit any item to the Junimo bundles from anywhere from the Bundles menu.

    Monster Health Bars:

    • With the addition of the zoom feature, bugs may happen. It should be working right now.
    • Displays a health-bar above monsters.
    • Config options for how big they are, and whether or not to always draw the bar regardless of it has been damaged. By default, health bars will only show on monsters that are not at full HP.
    • Also config values for various colour and display options.
    Help with configs:
    Please note the current version specified in the thread title. If you aren't on the version in the title (or more specifically, in the description of the release), you need to be on that version. A 'plus' ('+') will typically mean any version above that will work, but backwards compatability isn't always guarenteed.

    All downloads for my mods can be found at:
    The latest download can be found at
    Bugs, Crashes, Issues, Requests:
    Want to speak to me directly or just want to chill? Come to discord!
    Note that I'm not always there, but I generally do go and read the message history. I've been very busy of late.
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    • arcticalex

      arcticalex Void-Bound Voyager

      Thank you so much for the diagonal fix, was waiting for a SMAPI version.
      • bruvinito

        bruvinito Void-Bound Voyager

        Great mods! Waiting for a SMAPI version!
        • OrSpeeder

          OrSpeeder Phantasmal Quasar

          People, Zoryn made SMAPI, and dropped it because Storm is better, there won't be a SMAPI version of this, ever.

          Please be patient until Storm is released to the public.
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          • bruvinito

            bruvinito Void-Bound Voyager

            Thanks for answering. You know if Storm will be compatible with SMAPI? The mods I use are all SMAPI.
            • King Lemming

              King Lemming Void-Bound Voyager

              It won't be no, Storm is meant to *replace* SMAPI. It's a far more powerful framework.

              If you're familiar with Minecraft, think ModLoader vs Forge. Early on ModLoader based mods were all the rage. The key difference here is that the creator of SMAPI - Zoryn, has already migrated to what is going to be Stardew Valley's "Forge." SMAPI is a stopgap for now.
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              • Afterscore

                Afterscore Weight of the Sky

                This guy gets it. SMAPI and Storm operate independently and can't interact with each other. If you tried opening SMAPI and Storm you would just open two separate instances of the game.
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                • bruvinito

                  bruvinito Void-Bound Voyager

                  Oh, I understand. I Hope the mods I use getting updated to Storm too! ^^
                  • Zoryn4163

                    Zoryn4163 Big Damn Hero

                    Which mods are they? I'll just make storm versions of them if I can.
                    • googleoblivion

                      googleoblivion Void-Bound Voyager

                      Most of the big, popular mods right now. The authors of them are probably in the IRC chat talking about Storm right now, there's a high chance the mods you're using are already on their way into Storm.
                      • bruvinito

                        bruvinito Void-Bound Voyager

                        I use Menu and Show sell price. Thanks a lot if you can!
                        • bruvinito

                          bruvinito Void-Bound Voyager

                          I hope you are right!
                          • blargsnarf

                            blargsnarf Pangalactic Porcupine

                            You gonna add more to this, Zoryn? I'd love to swap over to Storm but I need things like "time frozen indoors", which're only SMAPI at the moment.
                            • Zoryn4163

                              Zoryn4163 Big Damn Hero

                              The original authour of the freeze time indoors mod has stated that he updated it, but yes I will be adding more mods as I get around to it.
                              • blargsnarf

                                blargsnarf Pangalactic Porcupine

                                Yeah, I didn't even notice Storm isn't really player-usable yet, nor that there was already a timefreeze mod. My bad! Looking forward to Storm being released.
                                • sanademonangel

                                  sanademonangel Poptop Tamer

                                  Zoryn, does the Trainer.dll work with Storm? It was the one you originally made :)
                                  • Zoryn4163

                                    Zoryn4163 Big Damn Hero

                                    That trainer.dll does not work, however it is being rewritten currently and should be done soon. Along with that, in-game commands are most likely happening as well. (I'm keeping my lovely console though.)
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                                    • blargsnarf

                                      blargsnarf Pangalactic Porcupine

                                      Is there anything I can do about the movement mod breaking events? Even deleting my config.json and having it generate the default one breaks them. Well, I only tested one, the green heart Abigail event - when my character is supposed to approach Abigail to talk, she just stands still, and the only thing you can do is ALT+F4.

                                      Edit: Been testing this thoroughly, removed all other Storm mods, still had the problem. Removed Storm altogether, and used the SMAPI movement-changing mods I had, and the even works fine. Also tried the original Stardew Injector, which also changes movement, and it worked with that, too. The only thing I didn't do was set the diagonal fix to false and test, I'll go try that now.

                                      Edit2: Yep, setting the diagonal fix to false fixes it, but obviously turns off the fix. The SMAPI mod does not have the diagonal fix, but the Injector does, and like I said that doesn't break the events. Just supplying all the info I can!
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                                      • sanademonangel

                                        sanademonangel Poptop Tamer

                                        I love your mods!! Makes this game even more fun :)
                                        • Zoryn4163

                                          Zoryn4163 Big Damn Hero

                                          Interesting, I'll have the mod disable itself during events and then re-enable after I guess.

                                          I made them to make the game more fun, glad you feel the same!

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