H9mestuck Clan Thread: Check y9ur Privilege

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  1. Relinies

    Relinies King Homestuck III

  2. F-ranko

    F-ranko Heliosphere

    also rel I was going to answer that but then I forgot
    Moonside Swing
  3. Alucard I

    Alucard I King Homestuck I

    I feel like j block is preparing a huge response to what i wrote him
  4. Sarzael

    Sarzael Oxygen Tank

    Why did I get a warning saying you had quoted one of my posts?
  5. Exxion

    Exxion King Homestuck V

    Or maybe he's not going to be a colossal fucknugget
  6. J-block

    J-block Pay it Forward

    Nah I gave up.
  7. Relinies

    Relinies King Homestuck III

    rate these replacements then
    in the order of the wavebank:
    Night / Threed, Zombie Central (could also use Happy-Happy is Blue)
    Eerie / Moonside Swing (could also use The Place)
    Day / Sunrise & Onett Theme
    Boss 1 (Eye, Worm, Skele, Goblins) / Battle against Belch
    Title / Choose a File (I was debating using Your Name, Please (Noiseless))
    Jungle / The Lost Underworld
    Corruption / The Deep Darkness (could use Dangerous Caves here?)
    Hallow / Hi Hi Hi
    Underground Corruption / Alien Invasion (Unlike the Crimson, the two corruption tracks don't fit together)
    Underground Hallow / Saturn Valley Caverns
    Boss 2 (Twins) / Otherworldy Foe
    Underground / Save The Miners!
    Boss 3 (Destroyer) / Battle Against a Machine
    Arctic / Snowman (Snow Wood Boarding House)
    Space / Dr. Andonuts' Lab
    Crimson / Belch's Factory
    Boss 4 (Bee) / Battle Against a Mobile Opponent
    Day Alternate / Boy Meets Girl (Twoson)
    Rain / The Tendas' Cave
    Underground Arctic / Winters White
    Desert / Bazaar (could also use Super Dry Dance, Pyramid, or The Unforgiving Desert, but the latter two seem a bit low, and the former is not very musical)
    Ocean / Tessie!
    Dungeon / Inside the Dungeon
    Plantera / Battle against an Unsettling Opponent
    Golem / Kraken of the Sea
    Lihzahrd / The Monkeys' Maze
    Solar Eclipse / Sanctuary Guardian
    Slot 28 in the wavebank is the sound of rain. Not the music, just the rain itself. Leaving it alone, of course.
    Mushrooms / The Jolly Flying Man (could also use Apple Kid's Theme)
    Pumpkin Moon / Battle Against a Weird Opponent (nothing really fit the Moon events)
    Underground Alt / Caverns of Winters
    Frost Moon / Pink Cloud Shrine (like I said)
    Underground Crimson / Hidden Track
    and when 1.3 comes out I'll use Pokey Means Business for the lunar boss theme

    The Cliff that Time Forgot
    A Bad Dream
    Threed, Free at Last
    Sea of Eden
    Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap
  8. cyberspyXD

    cyberspyXD Cosmos Killer

    your question has finally been answered

  9. Relinies

    Relinies King Homestuck III

    replace all music in terraria with remixes and arrangements of yakety sax
  10. nightclaw

    nightclaw Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    W-what? But
    But I thought we were friends...
    God, how could you do this to me.
  11. J-block

    J-block Pay it Forward

    I think you mean with
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  12. Relinies

    Relinies King Homestuck III

    It says you're a HERETIC.jpg
  13. The Demon of Borders

    The Demon of Borders King Homestuck 4.13

  14. We've got our own forum and he pasted his post from there to here. The post number of his post on our forum was the post number of one of your posts on this forum, so this forum thought he was quoting your post.
  15. nightclaw

    nightclaw Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  16. Relinies

    Relinies King Homestuck III

  17. Ravenous Space Rat

    Ravenous Space Rat Cosmic Narwhal

  18. kawaiiChiimera

    kawaiiChiimera Subatomic Cosmonaut

  19. Alucard I

    Alucard I King Homestuck I

    we were
  20. why this

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