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RELEASED Gundam Zaku Mecha Current Version 1.1c

A mod which brings the Zaku Gundam chassis to Starbound!

  1. WhiskyDan

    WhiskyDan Seal Broken

    WhiskyDan submitted a new mod:​

    Gundam Zaku Mecha - A mod which brings the Zaku Gundam chassis to Starbound!

    Hey starbounders, I've just completed a fairly simple mod that brings the Zaku gundam and the ZMP rifle into starbound! I plan to update this very shortly, adding a rocket launcher, and perhaps further balancing the rifle.

    Read more about this mod...
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  2. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    I look forward to the launcher and what more this mod might portend. It almost makes me want to put out a call to try and get a project team going for this kind of thing. Not sure how well such a thing would go though... ^^;
  3. alecsander

    alecsander Subatomic Cosmonaut

  4. WhiskyDan

    WhiskyDan Seal Broken

    A lot of trial and error (including coding in wordpad... never again) ate up heaps of my time. I should be able to quickly make a few more mobile suits over the next few days, hopefully!
  5. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    If you do make more, I'd suggest making other suits and moving this down to where it should be. My personal suggestions, in order from least powerful to most powerful are:

    Zaku I, Zaku II, Gouf Custom, Rick Dom, and Gelgoog.

    That's vaguely the order of production for those suits during the One Year War in Mobile Suit Gundam. I picked the Gouf Custom versus the normal Gouf, if only because it'd (probably) be easier to make that arm mounted gun into a weapon on Starbound versus the Gouf's version of that where it's built into the hand.

    If you want "Ace" suits, you could also add the Zaku II Commander Type and Gelgoog Commander Type.

    Those two particular commander types are popular due to the (well known) ace pilot, Char Aznable. The Gouf Custom was used by another ace named Norris Packard.

    My only word of warning is to watch how many of these you're willing to do, as some suits have at least 3 variants and can go upwards of twelve variants depending on the suit. My suggestions are based solely on a production progression that was more or less presented within the series. Also, fun fact, the Gouf family of mobile suits as far as I know, never had space capabilities. That one is purely because the Gouf is pretty striking, and the Gouf Custom more so.

    Most mobile suit names here should link to a wiki page that should be informative on each of them.

    Also for coding purposes, I know a couple friends that swear by Notepad++.
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  6. WhiskyDan

    WhiskyDan Seal Broken

    I am currently using Notepad++, but even with it set up correctly I seem to make massive mistakes and nothing jumps out at me. I just have to back up a lot, but it's a lot of wasted time.
  7. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    Ouch, bummer. At least you might be learning things along the way.
  8. WhiskyDan

    WhiskyDan Seal Broken

    A lot of my limitations are coming from some of the hardcoded definitions in the modular mech's arm code. I've spent atleast a day trying to make separate left and right arm sprites for guns, seems to be limited to melee weapons. Then again I'm really not experienced at this...
  9. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    A cheap way to work around it might just be to make two versions of the same weapon, but specify right or left arm for them. Of course, that creates weapon bloat, which isn't a good thing if it can be avoided.
  10. WhiskyDan

    WhiskyDan Seal Broken

    Thought of that, and like you said... I don't want my mod to be performance heavy. For now I'll just use the frontside (no fingers) til I can find a better way to progress.
  11. WhiskyDan

    WhiskyDan Seal Broken

  12. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    Well, it wouldn't be performance heavy, more that it's just more items to add. Some people I know hate that with a passion while others don't care. It all comes down to personal choice. Do you want to make guns specifically for the right arm and left arm, or are you okay with the wonky look it'll have?

    Also some of the part names got changed in the update to "Barrage Heavy mech"
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  13. SpartanM987

    SpartanM987 Void-Bound Voyager

    *Secretly Hoping for a Armored Core Mech mod*

    Anyway, Nice job! I love the design of this mech, the more variety the better :)
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  14. WhiskyDan

    WhiskyDan Seal Broken

    Yes, I used Pohany's part formats to fix something I messed up, and forgot to rename. :nurusad: Already updated on steam, the update will be here in a few!
  15. WhiskyDan

    WhiskyDan Seal Broken

  16. WhiskyDan

    WhiskyDan Seal Broken

  17. dr.infern

    dr.infern Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    RX-75 and TK-53 plz
  18. sdmartyn

    sdmartyn Space Hobo

    This may be a silly question, where do I find this in the game when playing. I've downloaded from here and pasted the file in my modded folder?

    I visited the penguin, but they weren't selling the Gundam parts
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  19. nacjac

    nacjac Big Damn Hero

    we are in the one year war but starbound version ;D
  20. dragonhold24

    dragonhold24 Void-Bound Voyager

    "/admin": Temporarily unlocks recipes for all items. Just craft at the Mech Part Crafting Table.

    Individual part recipe itemNames(compatible with spawnitem) are in the attached file.

    Attached Files:

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