Guide for Creating Custom Events

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    :nuruhype: Awesome guide, it's a bit of work for me to read and understand but I'm gonna keep on reading it. I am an idea collector so when I found this guide it seemed truly helpful to get me started trying to create mods of my own and this is one of the guides I've been searching for. It's gonna take a lot of work but your explanation will hopefully help me get started on a few events and if I'm lucky I'll make more mods for everyone when I'm feeling more confident. So thank you again for this guide it's a path starter :nuruflirt:
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      Huh? That can happen too? Oh...
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        Um! Gonna add on to this! here is the list if the military time just in case anyone is confused!

        12:00 midnight- 00:00
        1:00 am- 01:00
        2:00 am- 02:00
        3:00 am- 03:00
        4:00 am- 04:00
        5:00 am- 05:00
        6:00 am- 06:00
        7:00 am- 07:00
        8:00 am -08:00
        9:00 am -09:00
        10:00 am- 10:00
        11:00 am- 11:00
        12:00 pm -12:00
        1:00 pm- 13:00
        2:00 pm -14:00
        3:00 pm -15:00
        4:00 pm -16:00
        5:00 pm -17:00
        6:00 pm -18:00
        7:00 pm -19:00
        8:00 pm - 20:00
        9:00 pm - 21:00
        10:00 pm - 22:00
        11:00 pm- 23:00
        12:00 midnight -24:00

        On a more important note,if your event won't pack it's more and likely because of a syntax error!
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          Hey , thank you for this guide but i find something super kewl here that makes it much easier (but not completly) :

          i got the thing (i dont know how to call it) but i have some problems putting it into the game with Notepad++ (i opened this file :AnimalShop.XNB and tried deleting the original event i wanted to replace with my custom event, but i couldnt because it takes too long to do it slowly and when i do it fast it makes me go to the end of the text)

          here's the "thing": 3910674/f Shane 1000: "aerobics/-2000 -2000/farmer 18 18 1 Marnie 21 14 0 Jas 25 16 2 Shane -1000 -1000 2 Sandy 27 4 1 Demetrius 26 4 1 Haley 22 6 2 Mrqi 23 5 0 Vincent 26 6 2 Sam 27 6 2 Bouncer 23 14 2 marcello 20 16 1 Lewis 30 14 2 Pierre 12 14 1 Morris 13 14 2 Sebastian 16 13 0 Junimo 11 17 0 Krobus 17 6 0 LeahExMale 13 5 1 LeahExFemale 12 5 1 Leah 11 6 1 Dwarf 16 6 1 Wizard 16 7 2 Henchman 17 7 2 marlon 14 16 -1 kent 26 9 3 gunther 21 5 0 robin 22 14 1 Harvey 17 15 -1 caroline 17 16 -1 alex 27 7 -1/skippable/specificTemporarySprite shanePassedOut/viewport 22 8 true/pause 2000/speak Marnie \"Shane?\"/pause 2000/doAction 21 13/pause 500/move Marnie 0 -7 1/textAboveHead Marnie \"Oh dear...\"/doAction 21 13/removeTile 21 13 Buildings/removeTile 21 12 Front/move farmer 3 0 0/faceDirection Jas 3 true/move farmer 0 -10 1/faceDirection Marnie 2/pause 500/speak Marnie \"@... Can you do something? He's out cold.$s\"/pause 500/faceDirection farmer 0/pause 500/faceDirection farmer 1/move farmer 3 0 0/faceDirection Marnie 1 true/move farmer 0 -1 1/pause 1000/speak Shane \"buhhh...$7\"/pause 2000/specificTemporarySprite waterShane/pause 250/playSound goat/pause 1000/specificTemporarySprite waterShaneDone/warp Shane 25 7/textAboveHead Shane \"I was AFK!!!\"/jump Shane/shake Shane 9000/showFrame Shane 18/pause 3000/showFrame Shane 0/move farmer -1 0 1/faceDirection Shane 3/speak Marnie \"Shane! What's the matter with you? All you do anymore is mope around your room and drink beer!$s\"/move Jas -4 0 0 true/pause 200/faceDirection Shane 2 true/pause 50/faceDirection Shane 1/emote Shane 12/shake Shane 9000/textAboveHead Shane \"Blblblblbllbrblrlbrl\"/pause 1500/speak Shane \"You wouldn't buy robux...\"/pause 1000/textAboveHead Marnie \"I'm not worried...\"/move Jas 0 -8 1/speak Marnie \"What's your plan? Don't you ever think about the future?\"/faceDirection Shane 0/textAboveHead Shane \"I don't care , lol !!!\"/pause 2000/speak Shane \"Hopefully I won't be around long enough to need a 'plan'...\"/jump Jas/pause 500/shake Jas 10000/speed Jas 4/textAboveHead Jas \"GET OUT, DUDE !!! YOU ARE RUNING THE PARTY !!!\"/move Jas 0 10 2 true/faceDirection Marnie 2/emote Marnie 28 true/faceDirection farmer 3/faceDirection Shane 1 true/pause 50/faceDirection Shane 2/pause 600/move Marnie 0 10 2 true/pause 1000/textAboveHead Shane \"Jas... When i find you , consider yourself dead!!!\"/pause 500/faceDirection farmer 1/pause 400/showFrame Shane 19/pause 1000/textAboveHead Shane \"I'm sorry...(Or not)\"/pause 3000/faceDirection Shane 1 true/showFrame Shane 4/pause 500/showFrame Shane 35/textAboveHead Vincent \"Haha , u suck !!!\"/end"

          Can somebody kindly replace the Shane's 4 heart event by this ? (i think its 4, not sure)
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            • Done and packed, Give it try I am a bit jealous tbh. They only have 64 bit version and I do not know how to compile to 32 bit lol anyway here
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              Anyone found the pregnancy conditions yet? I wanna make some events for having kids...
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                Hello! Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how exactly do we figure out the xy coordinates on the map?
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                  The easiest way is to use a mod such as Debug Mode.
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                    Thanks! That worked perfectly!
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                      Another issue from the one before. I'm trying to create an event through content patcher by using the edit data command (which it says is possible) but I keep getting errors saying that the '#' in the "/end warpOut" #!String" is preventing the JSON from being read correctly. Is that '#' really important? I added the error that the api gave me in case I'm reading it wrong, or you guys need it for a different reason.

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                        If you want to exclude a day, use dNot instead of d, idk if this really helps anyone, but it's useful to know if you want to make events for Krobus without making him speak on Fridays.
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                          I need help, i need to add the sea monster to an event but dont know the tag to add it and animate it into an event. please help
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                            This has helped me so so much, thank you! Does anyone know how to add certain things to the map after something? For example, I'm creating a custom NPC and in the 2 heart event, there's a screenFlash and after it, I need some of the tiles to be on fire, but I'm not sure how to add that, or how to take it away for that matter.
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                              I really appreciate this post. I'm running into an issue I'm hoping someone can help me with. I'm currently trying to have an NPC gift a craftable to my player. Based on the Event Modding sheet at the wiki, addBigProp should work, but it does nothing for me. Just to test it out I tried addBigProp 90 52 10, which should add a beehouse at the specified tile. However, nothing shows up during the event. Am I doing something wrong or does this command not actually work?

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