Grenade Launcher mechanic change: Make them 2-handed.

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    This is easily my smallest suggestion, as it is exactly what it says on the title.
    There's several reasons to do it:
    1 It just doesn't make logical sense.
    2 2-handed weapons can already have grenade launchers as secondaries, which makes using a Grenade Launcher with a Pistol or a Machine Pistol rather impractical when just using a shotgun or assault rifle with a grenade launcher is more effective.
    3 They are the only guns with arcing projectiles, so treating them as 1-Handed Rocket Launchers (Which seems to be the case, judging by how both are explosive weapons) is a bit inaccurate.
    4 Making Grenade Launchers 2-Handed would allow them to have Secondary Attacks.

    In order to make it practical, Grenade Launchers would be buffed so they have a high enough damage to make them worth as 2-Handed weapons. However, they would retain their current grenade variety.

    Possible Secondary Attacks:
    -Arc Calculator: Projects an arcing line that indicates where the grenades will land.
    -Blink Blast: It is a charge-up attack. It causes the grenade to teleport to the position of the crosshair and act as if it hit a block. If used with mines, they will hover in place. Normal grenades effectively explode on the spot.
    -Cluster Bomb: Shoots a large grenade that spawns smaller grenades on hit.
    -Burst Shot (This allows Grenade Launchers to have a chance at close distances).
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