Green Grass In Fall (Town)

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Elest, Jun 21, 2018.

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    Hey there! So I'm new to modding Stardew Valley but for the most part everything has been working fine even in multiplayer except for a few mods. I can live without most of them though since it's mainly just small improvements in gameplay like showing the npc's on the map or showing if your pet needs some snuggles. The main issue however is that it's Fall right now in my game in co-op with a friend of mine but the grass is STILL green in town! Everywhere else is normal, and even the event maps are normal but the vanilla map still has green grass even after trying to fix this by downloading a new seasonal overhaul yet even that kept the green grass so I'm at a loss. Hopefully the image will show but this is before the overhaul:
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      Your topic has been moved to Stardew Valley modding. The forum and website support if not for game related things. :nuruhappy:
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        @Elest That seems to be a SMAPI bug; it'll be fixed in the upcoming SMAPI 2.6 beta 18. :)

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