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  1. Rubyy

    Rubyy Space Hobo

    I was playing Stardew Valley in Co-Op mode when I suddenly disconnected out of random. I disconnected during an event that was happening at the time in the game. I then logged back into the game (in Co-Op) and my GOLD PICKAXE had disappeared out of my inventory. It is no where to be seen. It's in none of the chests. No one has it in their inventory.
    i can't buy a new pickaxe. So what can I do?
    I really do not want to start over again!!!!
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

    (I am currently using my partners pickaxe)
    • jbrianj

      jbrianj Void-Bound Voyager

      Did you have the pickaxe before the start of the day? If progress did not save properly on the host it might have reverted to the start of the day, due to saves only ever being made at the end of a day.

      You might also accidentally dropped it trying to do things while you were disconnecting, some data might still have arrived at the host, causing you to drop it.
      • logan13

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        I lost an Axe somehow, (This was my final option) I couldn't find anything to fix the issue so I got a cheat menu to add the item back, then deleted it right after. I used SMAPI (the modding API) and CJB Item Spawner (you can find this mod on the nexus)
        • Rubyy

          Rubyy Space Hobo

          do I have to use that or can the host use it?
          • Rubyy

            Rubyy Space Hobo

            Yes I had the pickaxe before the start of the day. I had it for ages and then when an event happened I crashed and then I logged back on and it was gone. No where in site.
            • jbrianj

              jbrianj Void-Bound Voyager

              Are you or the host using any mods?
              • Rubyy

                Rubyy Space Hobo

                No we weren't

                I just downloaded the mod of nexus and its back to normal again but now I am crashing only in multiplayer :(
                • DjScribbles

                  DjScribbles Poptop Tamer

                  My wife and I had this happen, in her case she lost her pickaxe, the next day it was delivered by the mayor (in the mail I think) but it was just a standard pickaxe when the blacksmith was converting from copper to steel.

                  I was able to resolve this, on the HOST PC, by editing the save file ( It's a pain to read since it's all on one line, but it contains the characters for all players in your game. BACKUP the file before proceeding, in case you mess something up!
                  You can open this in a text editor (I would recommend grabbing Notepad++ over just using standard windows notepad), it's just standard XML, but without any extra whitespace, so a bit tricky to read/search.
                  Next, search (using Ctrl-F) for the item name (in my case "Pickaxe"), I had to skip past my pickaxe, which hit 4 or 5 times in the search, before I found hers, to upgrade hers I simply edited the NEXT "upgradeLevel" tag from 0 to 2, which made it steel, 3 would logically make it gold.

                  Hope this helps, if you need more help, message me on steam:

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